Help us to tackle Speeding!

  Community speedwatch30mph

Please reduce your speed. By slowing down, you have more of an opportunity to correct your own mistakes and to react to the errors of others. Did you know that Overall Stopping Distances are DOUBLED for wet roads. Always drive to the conditions of the road and reduce your speed!

Please help us by driving slowly!
Slowing down is vital to safety, especially in protecting our most vulnerable road users like children, and enabling people to walk, cycle and ride without unnecessary risk. Our rural lanes are narrow with many bends, poor visibility and hidden junctions. Even if you know the road well, you never know what’s round the corner. The majority of driver and passenger deaths happen on rural roads, often due to drivers taking bends too fast, overtaking, or not being able to react to unexpected hazards.

RoSPA’s Top Tips:
Check your speedometer regularly
– Know the limits and look for signs
– Speed limits are a maximum
– 20’s plenty when kids are about
– Try no higher than 3rd
gear at 30mph
– Concentrate – Distracted drivers speed
– Slow down when entering any village
– Give yourself time
It may feel like you are only crawling through the village, especially if you have been driving at 50mph for while, but at 30 mph you are still covering 44 feet (about three car lengths) every second, and if you hit a pedestrian at that speed, he or she will be severely injured, and possibly killed.