Who’s who on your Parish Council

Recognize Your Councillors


Chairman – Cllr Robert Nikiel

Vice-Chair – Cllr Morag Wagstaff

Cllr Everton Merchant

Cllr Darren Ungless

Cllr Lee Shelton

Cllr Jez Lofts

Cllr David Vernon




Who does what?

Planning Committee: Cllr Everton Merchant, Cllr Lee Shelton, Cllr Darren Ungless, Cllr Morag Wagstaff and Cllr Robert Nikiel (ex-officio).

Village Hall Management: Cllr Robert Nikiel and Cllr Morag Wagstaff. Maintenance: Cllr Lee Shelton and Cllr Darren Ungless.

Burial Ground Management: Contact the Clerk

War Memorial: Cllr Lee Shelton

Allotment Management and Management of Open Spaces: Cllr Robert Nikiel

Playground Management: Cllr Darren Ungless

Tree Management: Cllr Everton Merchant

Village Hall Landscaping Project: All Councillors.

How do I contact a Councillor?

Councillors can be contacted as follows:

CHAIRMAN: Cllr Robert Nikiel  - Email: robert@radnage.net  T: 01494 484099

VICE-CHAIR: Cllr Morag Wagstaff - Email: morag@radnage.net  T: 07881 788300

Cllr Jez Lofts - Email: jez@radnage.net 

Cllr Everton Merchant - Email: everton@radnage.net  T: 07703 065145

Cllr Lee Shelton - Email: lee@radnage.net  T: 07399 979986

Cllr Darren Ungless - Email: darren@radnage.net  T: 07545 312144

Cllr David Vernon - Email: david@radnage.net  T: 07521 838544

contact the Clerk: Lin Freeth: parish.clerk@radnage.net  T: 01494 485017
(please note that the Clerk is a part time post)

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Council Election Results

The results of the election held on May 5th 2015 are as follows:

Being less the maximum of seven candidates, all the prospective candidates were elected unopposed.