Who’s who on your Parish Council

Recognize Your Councillors

Jez Lofts

Cllr Jez Lofts Vice Chair

Darren Ungless

Chairman Cllr Darren Ungless

Tony Eden

Cllr Tony Eden

Eleanor Hurrell

Cllr Eleanor Hurrell

Grant Gie

Cllr Cris Everett

Who does what?

Planning Committee:      TBA

Village Hall Management: TBA    Maintenance: Village Hall Manager.

Burial Ground Management: Contact the Clerk

War Memorial: TBA

Allotment Management and Management of Open Spaces: TBA

Playground Management: RPC

Tree Management: TBA

Village Hall Landscaping Project: All Councillors.

How do I contact a Councillor?

Councillors can be contacted as follows:

CHAIRMAN: Cllr Darren Ungless  – Email: darren@radnage.net  T: 07545 312144

VICE-CHAIR: Cllr Jez Lofts – Email: jez@radnage.net  T: 07772 595 845

Cllr Tony Eden – Email: tony@radnage.net  T: 01494 484448

Cllr Eleanor Hurrell – Email: ellie@radnage.net

Cllr Grant Gie – Email: grant@radnage.net

contact the Clerk: Lisa Stibbs: parish.clerk@radnage.net  T: 01494 484262
(please note that the Clerk is a part time post)

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Council Election Results

The results of the election held on May 6th 2021 are as follows:

Being less than the maximum of seven candidates, all the prospective candidates were elected unopposed.