Everyone in our parish should enjoy fast, consistent broadband but they are not – even with the new fibre cabinets. It is starting to affect house prices as people expect it as the norm, and more and more people are home working.

We are trying to assess how many in Radnage Parish still are not receiving fast broadband in house and then what could be done to help you. We have formed a working group to try to address this.

Could anyone who receives LESS THAN 10 mb/s (megabits second) internet speed on a checker reply to with a) Your postcode/road, and b) state if you receive good mobile signal (4G). If you know your neighbours suffer as well do let us know. If you don’t know your speed but it seems just infinitely slow, and if you can’t check it, again let us know.

This will help assess ‘Not Spots’ and what could be done to help you. We do want to help those stranded folks who can’t enjoy the new fibre cabinets or get you connected to them as that’s still possible!

Finally if you would like to join the working group who meet in the pub, you have IT skills, or simply the time to help, please contact

Get Radnage Parish fast internet done!