Are you trying to trace relatives who used to live in Radnage?

Please leave a note at the bottom of this page with your contact details and hopefully someone will be able to help you with your search.

You will find all our records of births, marriages and deaths in black folders that are normally held on the old ‘bier’ in the chancel which is in the east end of the church. The records date from about 1574 to the end of the 19th century. There is also a plan of the burial ground with an (incomplete) record of graves.

St Mary’s is normally open during daylight hours to enable visitors to pray in beautiful and peaceful surroundings, view the old wall paintings and inspect the record books.

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  1. Looking for information on Stephen Turner (1815-1893) born in Radnage & his family. He married Elizabeth (Eliza) Monk and raised my gg-grandfather George Turner and his siblings in Burnham(Farnham Royal, East Burnham/Cabbage Hall). I have located them in the UK Census (1841-1891), some birth/christening/marriage/death records—but am looking to understand them in a more relatable sense.

    Stephen’s parents are Hannah Hearn and William Turner who lived in Radnage. I would love more info on any of them, but preferably the later generations. Interested in understanding the place in this era of time.

  2. Calling Peter George FLORIDA descendants.

    Following on from the flurry of activity initiated by Nick Clark can I see whether any one has managed to break down one of my brick walls.

    Peter George FLORIDA and Phillis STONE had a son George baptised in Radnage on 5th May 1782.

    My brick wall is WHO WAS HIS WIFE/PARTNER?

    She was Mary? and their first chiuld was also Mary who was baptised in St Philips and Jacob, Bristol, Gloucestershire 26 Dec 1808.

    I have not been able so far to find a marriage between George FLORIDA and Mary which fits with this info.

    Has anyone else found it please?

    • Hello Ivor,

      I descend from Peter George Florida via George and Mary Florida and their daughter Phillis (Fanny).

      Hopefully my research is correct but I believe George married Mary Price in Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire in 1802 however the surname was written as Florody. Phillis was baptised in 1803 in Wootton Bassett. When I did a search on Ancestry for any other Florody’s in that area I couldn’t find any which is why I think the surname was spelt differently.


      • Hi Vikki,
        Thanks very much for this, it is facinating.

        I have not come across a Phillis (Fanny) as daughter of George (Senior) and Mary before my earliest name being of Mary who died as a infant in 1808/9. I assume from what you say that when she married Phillis (Fanny) was registered as Phillis FLORIDA hence your certainty of a connection back to the Radnage FLORIDAs. I would be very grateful for any pointers as to where I might find details of this marriage please.



        • Hi Ivor,

          I find the whole story of Peter George Florida fascinating too.

          Phillis Florida married Thomas Bevan on 15th October 1821 at Holy Trinity Church, Christchurch, Monmouthshire, her name is spelt Fillis on the church records. On the 1841 census it shows she was born in about 1802, it does say she was born in Monmouthshire but I know this can often be incorrect. I have not been able to find any record of her birth other than the Wootton Bassett baptism and as George’s Mother’s name was Phillis I thought it likely to be correct along with the fact I cannot find any other Florody information other than George and Mary’s marriage, her baptism and the baptism of who I believe is her brother George in 1810 in Bristol.

          My DNA is shown as 1% Mali and I have matches on Ancestry to the Radnage Florida’s.

          Please let me know what you think.

          Many thanks

          • Thanks again Vikki

            This sounds very plausible indeed and maybe my brick wall has fallen. Have you found Tom Bevan and Phillis on later census records where place of birth is more specific?

            Best regards


            • Hello Ivor,

              Unfortunately Phillis died in 1850 so I have no other census records to refer to.

              Best regards

              • Thanks once again Vikki,

                I have now added Mary Price and Phillis to my family tree.
                I cannot find the 1841 census entry for Thomas and Phillis yet but will keep looking, were they in Christchurch?



    • Hi Ivor,

      I also descend from George, son of Peter George Florida. As far as I can tell, George married a Mary Lawrence in Bristol on 29th September 1835. I hope this helps and would love to exchange other information.

      Best wishes,

      Sam Wilson

      • Hi Sam, welcome to the family.
        The George and Mary you are refering to are actually Peter and Phyllis Florida’s grandchildren. There first born was called George (later known as George Snr) who married Mary in 1802 in Wootton Bassett. Their 3rd born child was also called George ( sometimes listed as George Henry) it is he who went on to marry Mary Lawrence in 1835 in Bristol. If Ivor hadn’t of been so patient with me I wouldn’t of found the second George and Mary, as far as I have worked out George Henry was born in 1810 and was the 3rd of 9 children the youngest was Zacheriah who was born in 1830. Hope this helps.

  3. Hello wonderful people of Radnage.
    My questions are please. I have learned a lot recently about my
    6x great-grandfather on my mothers side Peter George Florida 1761 – 1793.
    Could anyone tell me please if he is buried in the churchyard there?
    Also I know his wife Phyllis remarried but am unable to find anything more than that so if anyone could steer me in the right direction please that would be most appreciated. Thanks again.

    • Hi Nick

      My wife is also descended from Peter George and Phillips.

      Phillips remarried in 1798 to Thomas IVES in Radnage.



    • Phillis remarried in 1798 to Thomas Ives in Radnage. My wife is also descended from Peter George and Phillis.

      • Ivor,
        Many thanks for your reply. I was most surprised but very honoured to be related to such interesting people. It’s just a shame more is not known about Peter. I’m friends with someone in Ancestry who is related to Hannah Stone who I believe was Phyllis’s sister.

        • Which of the kids of Peter George and Phillis is your ancestor. My wife is through the George line who moved to South Wales.

          Yes as far as I can tell Phillis did have a sister Hannah who married a John Bennell I think.

          I have got a copy of the tomb stone inscriptions from Radnage but although buried there, it appears there is no stone for Peter G.

        • Hi Ivor,
          I too am related to Peter via his son George so me and your wife would be distant cousins. Here we go, George & Mary had a daughter Ann, Ann & William Anstee had a son Jonah, Jonah and Margaret had a daughter Emily Anstee who married my 2 x Great Grandfather Alfred Northcott in Coity Bridgend in May 1891. Alfred unfortunately passed in 1904 and Emily remarried in1907 I believe to a John Stephens. I wonder if it would be possible for you send me a copy of what is written on Georges headstone please?
          One final note, I currently live in Pontypridd and have 2nd cousins still living in and around Bridgend.
          Kind regards

          • I’ve also got a connection to Peter George Florida, my 5x great grandfather.
            My 3x great grandfather Thomas Sheen married Peters granddaughter Margaret Florida daughter of George Peters eldest son.
            I would like information of tomb inscriptions if you could pass them on please.

          • My wife’s line is through Ann’s olded brother George (1810 – 1898). They along with William Anstee and Ann F were in the gardening business in and around Newport as you probably know.

            I believe that there are burials in Malpas cemetry near Newport including George senior which you might like to investigate.

            • Ivor,
              Thank you for the extra info as I did not know that William & Ann being in the gardening trade in and around Newport, I know Malpas and wonder what it would of been like?
              May I ask please where you got a copy of the gravestone inscription from? I assumed that the headstone would of been in Radnage.

              • Not sure where you got the idea that I had a copy of a grave stone inscription from. I have a copy of an index of gravestones in Radnage churchyard but no Floridas are listed. This does not mean that none where buried there of course just that they did not have a gravestone erected or the stone no longer exists. As far as I can tell it is only Peter George that is buried in Radnage

            • Forgot to ask Ivor, the date you put I assume is for Ann who was George’s daughter as I’m sure you know that George was born in 1781 and Peter died in 1793.

              • No. As I said in a previous message, my wifes line is through George the son of George and Ann’s older brother. Both George senior (Peter and Phillis’s son) and his son George (Peter and Phillis’s grandson) married a Mary and I have seen many family trees where a whole generation as been left out because people assume the two georges are the same person.

                • Ivor,
                  That all makes perfect sense to me now, thank you for being patient with me. If I manage to find anything in Malpas I will not hesitate to message you. Nick

                • Ivor
                  Do you have any birth details on George Snr’s other children including George Jnr my relations brother.
                  Many thanks again.

                  • Right here goes.

                    Mary 1808 – 1809
                    George 1810 – 1898
                    Ann 1812 – 1897
                    Charles 1816
                    Richard 1820 – 1884
                    Margaret 1822
                    Jane 1827
                    Maria 1827
                    Zacheriah John 1830

                    There was a mass baptism in Christchurch, Mon in Oct 1827.

                    Fo info on the time in Malpas ets you need to look at census records. The 1861 census shows George Senior living with William Anstee and Ann as Retd Gardener from Radnage which is where I go the link back to Radnage from in the first place I seem to remember when I did my research many years ago. As always it is always important in genealogy research to go back in time rather than try to go forward from someone you think might be a family member.

                    • Thanks again Ivor for help time and patience. In an intereting twist of fate Peter’s 2x great granddaughter’s father in law was a gardener at is what is now St Fagan’s National Museum of History on the outskirts of Cardiff.

    • Peter Florida died/buried 22 July 1793 in Radnage, Remarks: ‘A negro man’. His children: George 1782, Charles Anthony 1783, Jane Maria 1786, Elizabeth 1790, Ann 1794. His widow Phillis (my 1stcousin, 5xremoved) went on to marry Thomas Ives on 8 October 1798 also in Radnage who then had atleast 3 more. The church in Radnage is St. Mary the Virgin:
      You could perhaps enquire there?

      • Greetings Nancy,
        Thank you so much for the information. I wll add those names to my family tree on ancestry. Also will make enquiries via the link.

    • Hi NIck, me again.

      I have just been looking at my copies of the census records for the FLORIDAs. One of the most interesting is the one for 1841 in Christchurch, Folio HO 107/745/8. It has William and Ann Anstee and family, brothers George and Charles and their families and also the father and mother to this lot (George senior and Mary) all living along side each other in the Nursery Grounds. Well worth getting a copy.

      • Wow that is what I call keeping a close eye on your family.
        We’ve spoke before about both George’s marrying women called Mary, both Phyllis’s married men called Thomas which nearly threw me off course again. How do I get copies of censuses? Have been speaking to Vikki on ancestry and said I plan on visiting Malpas churchyard on Boxing day. Will keep you posted if I find him. Nick

        • To get actually copies of census records you probably need to sign up to ancestry or find my past. But you can get transcripts by using the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormon) site Family Search.

        • My late mother in law visited Malpas cemetery some years ago and there are certainly some Florida grave stone there.

          • Ivor, Christmas greetings.
            Have located George Snr and Mary’s grave which is in the photo you have I believe and I have on Ancestry. You may already know this but I presumed it was at Malpas Newport but in fact is actually at Holy Trinity Church Christchurch which is between Newport and Caerleon. Am heading there tomorrow and will get to Malpas another day.

  4. Hello. I am looking for any information on the Randall family. Early as 1600’s.
    My very early ancestors came from Radnage, I have a Edward Randall (9th Great grandfather) in 1656 and may have married Sarah Ayre and had maybe 5 children.
    If anyone out there can help please e-mail me on
    Many you. Shirley Hawley (nee Randall)

  5. Good Evening,
    I am trying to find out about the Rev. Christopher Newell 1565-1635.
    Did he just live in Radnage or was he your vicar at that time?
    Was his wife Susan Bigge 1570-1639?
    His parents, his children?
    Basically anything to do with him would be appreciated.
    I dont know where he died or was buried, but I suspect it was in Radnage.
    It would be amazing to find out more if any of your contacts knows about him.
    Fingers crossed, Jerry

  6. hi James and Elizabeth PHELPS had children baptized there in radnage

    Elizabeth and Hannah both on 29/4/1704

    Margaret on 5/6/1706

    Henry on 7/5/1708

    thanks trish

  7. hi i am trying to find james phelps birth

    Margaret PHELPS married Thomas HOBBS on 26/5/1735 in Hughenden, Bucks

    (this is about 7 miles from Hambleden)

    James and Elizabeth PHELPS had children baptized there –

    Elizabeth and Hannah both on 29/4/1704

    Margaret on 5/6/1706

    Henry on 7/5/1708 trying to find james and elizabeths wedding.

    also any history on the phelps family. and the american connection

    when they went to america. and also the phelps family being connected

    to charles the 1st execution. could this family be connected to this

    family thanks tish

  8. Hello,
    I have found some relatives on my Dads side with the surname BARNEY.
    I have a couple of mentions of Radnage on documents for…
    William Barney born c1762 who married Elizabeth Ridgeway, the date I have is 22/8/1783

    They had a son either William or John Barney born c1784. He married Mary Newell in 1804 again Radnage given as the place.

    I winder if any of these are buried at St marys, or if anyone knows of the family name Barney?

    Thank you

    • Hi Barbara

      I have a friend in Canada who thinks they might be related to the relatives you mention ie William Barney, Elizabeth Ridgeway, Mary Newell. They have only just started looking into it all though so it’s very early days and have no more information other than this. Did you have any luck finding out any further info?


  9. Hi- I am searching info for this couple who got married 12 April 1810 at Stokenchurch, Oxfordshire :
    William Meade X Mary of Hannah Fletcher [27 July 1795 Chinnor-7 feb 1867 St Pancras, London].
    He was a farmer and owned land, he rented some of it.
    I know of 5 children : Mary, Sarah [my interest], William Fletcher, Ann, Thomas born between 1811 & 1820 @ Radnage, Bucks.
    Meade can be written Mead or Meads.
    Who are HIS ancestors? Any Meade still living in Radnage?

  10. Hi Jonathan I have left some details relating to Trendal Cottage Hope you find them of interest Regards

  11. I seem to recall from my last visit that there is a memorial inside to the man who killed the last Bear? in England.
    Is this correct please?

  12. Hello, I am looking for details with regards to my late grandfather

    His name was Charles E H Goodall 2/71902

    Anything would be great! his address was radnage bottom farm

  13. Hello,

    I am trying to track down my estranged biological father. I believe my grandparents are buried here. Dennis and Joyce Stevens. My fathers name is Phil Stevens. I am wondering if you have any contact information for any living family members. Or could pass my information along to them?

  14. I was intrigued to discover that quite a few of my HUNT ancestors had hooked up with other old Radnage families. For example:
    Hugh Hunt = Susannah Oxlade (m. 13 Jul 1732)
    Sarah Hunt = John Rixon (m. 20 Sept 1772)
    Elizabeth Hunt = Henry Newell (m. 9 Aug 1773)
    Robert Hunt = Jane East (m. 23 Sept 1782)
    George Hunt = Mary Stone (m. 29 May 1806)
    John Hunt = Susannah Steptoe (m. 24 Feb 1816)
    James Hunt = Martha Messenger (m. 9 Jul 1816)
    John Hunt = Harriet Avery (m. 21 April 1827)

    I believe I’m directly related only to Susannah Steptoe (1796-1837), but I wondered if anyone else had an interest in the Hunt family. I’ve some information of their time in Radnage but not enough! I also know that, like many of the other families, the Hunts were carpenters, chair turners and wheelwrights in their time.

    • Hi Fiona. James Hunt (who married Martha Messenger) is my 4th Great Grandfather. I dont have any info much about him, but I know their son Robert lived in Church Street, Stokenchurch and was a sawyer rising to being a timber merchant employing 3 people by 1881 (as per Census) He married a Maria Harris in 1840 (High Wycombe).
      Interestingly my father married a Hunt in 1944 and when she died in 1982, he hitched up with another lady with the Hunt surname. There are too many in the area!

      • Hi Jax, your James was the brother of my GGG grandfather, John, who was christened at Radnage on 15 Mar 1795.
        It seems the oldest, more established families mixed quite a bit!

  15. Hi My name is Keith Warren i lived at Water End my Dad & relatives all live in Radnage my dad was Sidney Warren and was born at Wharton Cottage my uncles Tom Alfred & Charley live nr the pub Three horseshoes Bennett end. and i also have photos of my grandparents standing out side the house at Ellson Nap Radnage but i can’t find the cottage any ideas and does anybody have heard of the Warren family they worked at White Farm Radnage ??? many thanks Keith Warren

    • Hi Keith,
      If the “Wharton Cottage” you refer to is in Benett end then I can tell you that my Uncle “Bing” lived there. I had many many happy years in that cottage. From the photos I have seen it is still there but has been completely changed and added to. I knew the cottage from 1960, when were your relatives there. I to am looking for information on the area.

  16. Is anyone researching the BURGESS and FELLOW/FELLOWES, families in Radnage area? I’m looking for Thomas Burgess born circa 1640s and Sarah Fellow born circa 1645. Married in Radnage, Bucks 18 April 1667, although I have not found the documentation to verify the date.
    Thank you.

    • I have been searching the FELLOWES family line although the surname is spelt several different ways.
      The record of the marriage is shown in the Radnage Parish Records which can be accessed on line.
      It is shown as 18 April 1667 Thos Burges and Sarah fellow.
      I’m afraid I have been unable to find a baptism date for Sarah from the above records.
      The County Archives in Aylesbury were also very helpful when I visited them.
      I hope this is of use.
      David Fellowes

      • I have a Frances Fellows marrying Jeffrey Barney on 22/02/1773 but not sure if Radnage or a nearby village?
        But their son William Barney (1762 born) did live in Radnage

        Any relatives?

        • Frances Fellows did marry Jeffrey Barney on 21 June 1730 in Radnage (St. Mary). I did not have their son William born 1762. However, Jeffrey & Frances did have a son also named Jeffrey born 1733. He married 1) Ann unknown (?-1760), 2) Mary Seal (?-1771) in 1765, 3) Sarah Stone in 1773. Marriage 2 & 3 were in Radnage.
          My family are the Stones of Radnage.

      • David, Thank you for responding, I’ve just seen your reply!
        I did find the 1667 marriage for Thomas Burges & Sarah Fellow in Radnage (St. Mary). I have Sarah Fellow/e/es being baptised in Bradenham on 31 March 1645 to Nicholas Fellow & Susanna Blackwell. The search continues..
        Yes, both the Archives & Bucks Family History Centre are very kind and helpful.
        Thanks again.

  17. In 2016/17 I shared family information with my third cousin Trevor Long, who has been active on this site for many years and was very helpful with my research. But an e-mail I just sent (to a Harford address) didn’t go through. Trevor if you’re still around here it would be great to re-establish contact.

  18. Hi not sure if this site is still active…. Hopefully it is.
    I am interested in the Poughley/Poghley farm/area that some commenters have mentioned. I am a Poughley descendant, though now the name is Pauffley/Poffley coming from the East Garston/Fawley/Great Shefford area of Berkshire. I have seen a medieval Feet of Fines that mentions an area in Radnage that a John and Joan de Poughele held as tenants in 1340 and this was to be passed down to their heirs if they have any. I wonder if there are any Poffley’s (+any variation) still in the area today and if anybody could tell me a little about the Poughley farm or area, I believe it is a wood. Thank you for any help given.

  19. Hello! My 3rd GGM Rebecca Stone Rixon’s (1778-1866) parents were
    William Stone and Sarah Allom/Allam who married in Crowell (Oxfordshire) in 1768. However, all their children were born in Radnage. I am trying to find William’s birth and parents. He was supposedly born in Radnage too, circa 1740s. Thank you in advance for any help in this search.

    • Hello Nancy, I don’t know anything about Rebecca’s family but her husband Thomas’ sister Mary was my 3x GGM, so we are same generation. Any info on Rixons you can share would be good!

      • Hello Tina! I am so sorry, I have just now seen this message. OMG!

        Please contact me via my email address with what you already have and I will check to see if I have your GGM. You are speaking of the Rixons in Buckinghamshire?


      • Hello Tina,
        Just saw your message. 🙁

        Are you looking for someone in particular?

        Would love to share and receive data you can share…


    • Hi Nancy, Ive just seen your message also. My 4x ggrandparents were John Stone (b 1727)and Elizabeth Almon (b 1728) of Radnage. They had a son William ( b 1758), but I have not tracked any other than sons of that line to date so I am not sure if you ancestor Rebecca was his daughter or not.
      Happy to share research if you’d like.

    • Radnage Parish Records:
      Edward Stone : Yeoman aged 88 of Green End, buried 20 Oct 1787
      Elizabeth : his wife buried 22 May 1784
      Elizabeth : baptised 17 Feb 1728/9
      Edward : bap 26 Dec buried 11 Oct 1752
      Ralph 23 Oct 1733
      Mary 11 Oct 1735
      Ann 20 Apr 1737
      Robert 13 Oct 1739 buried 27 Feb 1762
      WILLIAM STONE 10 Mar 1740/1
      Sarah 11 Aug 1742
      Richard 16 Aug 1743 buried 21 Aug 1743
      Thomas 17 Feb 1745 buried 17 Jun 1769
      Richard 30 Dec 1747 buried 21 Feb 1747/8

  20. Hello – I am trying to trace any information about Thomas Stevens who married Mary King and their fathers William King and Thomas Stevens – Mary seems to have been a lacemaker and they married in the Parish Church Radnage on July 6 th 1839 I would be very grateful for any information! Many thanks Liz Warne

  21. Hello I am researching the family tree containing Thomas Stevens – father was George Stevens – Thomas married Mary King and they were my Great Grandparents – they were married on 6 th July 1839 at St Mary’s – I would appreciate any further information or help – many thanks !

  22. My late great grandfather was for a time Sir Christopher Newell of Pophneys House, my late grandfather Walter his son married a Clara ? and they had three sons Maurice, John and Alan. For a time we all lived in Radnage, which is where I was born, and Grandad Walter lived in a council house, then moved to a small council bungalow after my gran died, but at the same time Dad Maurice lived in Green Lane with wife Iris, son Martyn, daughter Linda, and (I Lesley) was born there. At the same time Uncle John lived next door with his wife Ivy and cousin Malcom, and at the lane at the bottom lived Uncle Allen and his wife Mary with cousin Graham,
    Both Martyn, his son Simon, and both Mum and Dad are all now safely buried in St Mary’s Church, which is where I was christened, but then we moved to Watlington. Does anyone know anything more about this please – I am no longer a Newell (I have been and remain married since 1982) but would love to hear anything more as my youngest brother with Mum and Dad lives in Australia, Martyn died (as above) and Linda moved away although we are still in touch.

    Many thanks
    Lesley Bryant

    • hi Lesley I am also from the Newels Christopher Newell was my ( 9th great grandfather I also live in Australia in Adelaide his name is Simon is he related , I hope you found some more information . Christine

      • Hello Christine, I am also a descendant of Newell family and also live ln Adelaide (Salisbury East). Have been researching family for some years but always anxious to learn more. Perhaps we could arrange to meet some time to compare notes. Best wishes Jean

    • Hello Lesley, I was most interested to read your post as I am descended from the Newell family. I too live in Australia as does your younger brother and parents. I have also written to Christine. do hope we will communicate again. Best wishes Jean

    • Hello I am also a descendant of the Newell’s. I live in Oxfordshire and am researching my family tree. I have got back to Christopher Newell I born 1540 – 1603. Family search has given his father to be Edward Newell and Sybbell Peacock, however looking online there could be two other alternatives.

      • I too got as far as you have with the Newell line. My paternal grandmother was a Newell from Oxfordshire. Have you managed to get any further.

    • How dare you talk about my dad as far as you are concerned he doesn’t exist you made that clear when he died shame he n you

  23. I’m trying to nail down my Thomas Stone born Radnage 1815 a Chairmaker. Lived in High Wycombe ,when he died in 1905 he was the oldest member of the local Oddfellows Lodge. Seems he may have married twice, both named Emma. How did he connect with all the other Stones in the Chairmaking industry who were based in Radnage, High Wycombe (Chippin Wycombe) and Maidstone in Kent ?
    Any help appreciated, thanks

    • Hi Ronnie,
      Thomas Jesse Stone b 1815 in Radnage mar Emma Jahns in 1843 and they had three children. He then appears in the 1901 census apparently married to Emma Nash born 1857 with a daughter Mary Ada E Stone born 1898.
      If this is your Thomas Stone, he is the son of William Stone and Elizabeth Courtnal, my 3x grandparents.

  24. I believe that my Aunt, Mary Goodall taught at Radnage Primary School some years ago. I wonder if there is anyone that remembers her or there is any photos etc relating to her time there. I would welcome any information about her.

  25. My Name is David Dormer Lucas and my Grandfather was Gilbert Henry Dormer (born 18 December 1899) and his father was Ernest Dormer. I am interested to know where in Radnage they lived and more on Ernest Dormer.



    • Ernest Dormer was married to my Great Aunt Ruth. They lived in a rather nice house called “Hope Woligth”,not sure if that is how it was spelt,. in Radnage common Road they were stalwarts of the local methodist chapel. Aunty Ruth was a school teacher and he was carpenter. They had no children My grandfather Phillip and Ruth were brother and sister. I am not sure if this is the Ernest Dormer you are looking for but it may help you in your research. I understand that Ernest had been married before and so may have had a family but l know nothing about them.

    • Hi Dave,
      Ernest Dormer was my great Uncle. I am descended from his brother William Henry Dormer, and met Aunt Ruth at Hope Wolith when I was a child. I have a lot of the family history and would be interested in catching up with you.
      I look forward to hearing from you.

      • Hi Cathie
        I have just found this link to the Stratford/Dormer families of Radnage. Ruth was my grandmother’s sister, Alice Stratford, and the family lived in Radnage for many generations. I have also done a lot of family research in the past and would be interested in sharing information.
        Hope to hear from you

  26. Hello – My maternal family lived in the High Wycombe area and later owned a pub called the Star Inn at Waltham St. Lawrence. The family name is Elliott. Does anyone have information about this family.

  27. I am researching my Great Great Grandmother Sarah Bennell (formerly Britnell) 1824-1903 of Andridge Farm.
    So far I have traced her back to 1754 but if anyone has any photos of Andridge Farm house or information about Sarah it would be very gratefully received. Many Thanks

    • Hi Simon

      Sarah Britnell is in my family tree but we are only connected via my great aunt
      Mary Pitcher 1878 to not a close relation.

      However you do mention Andridge Farm House.
      I recently purchased a book from Abebooks uk. called Radnage The Millennium edition by Charles Jackson inside there is an old black and white picture of Andridge House so I guess this would have been the farm house.


    • Hi Simon,
      I am descended from Sarahs husband( Edmund Bennell)’s father. I have a littleminformation on Andridge Farm if you are still looking

  28. Hi

    My Grandmother Bertha Beatrice Pitcher and her family lived at Pitcher Cottages in Bennett End.
    James Pitcher and Eliza Pitcher(nee Turner) from around 1890 up to about 1930s my Grandmother left in early 1900s
    Does anyone have any information on the Pitcher family that lived there.
    Their is a picture of Pitcher Cottages On this website in the village life section under photos .
    Their are 2 people standing outside the cottages any idea when this picture was taken and who they might be.
    Any information on the Pitchers of Bennett End would be very helpful.


    • Hello Mark
      I grew up at no 2 Pitchers Cottages. My dad still lives at no 1, which used to be his parents’ house. The Pitcher family were on my nan’s side. I will ask my dad about your grandmother.

      • Hello Richard
        Thank you for your message and it’s very kind of you to ask your dad about my grandmother.

        They were a large family her parents were James Pitcher and Eliza Pitcher maiden name Turner)

        My grandmother’s brothers and sisters were
        Emma,Frederick,Mary,Harry,Elizabeth,Ernest,William,Daisy,Ethel,Lily and Percy.

        Percy was a farmer at Andridge Farm and my mother Olive and her sisters Ruth and Joyce use to play on the farm when they were little.

        Regards and stay safe.

        • Hi Mark.
          My grandfather, James Pitcher, was your grandmother’s oldest brother. I was born in the 400 year old farm house just along the lane from the Pitchers cottages during the war 1943. Richard’s father is my cousin on my mother’s side.
          I have researched the pitcher family tree back to a John Pitcher who was born in 1700 in Burghfield Berkshire – two generations later they moved to Bledlow Ridge and then later to Radnage.
          I remember meeting several of my great aunts and uncles and spending a holiday in Clacton at Lilly and Ethel’s guest house, think I was about 5 years old at the time. I can’t recall meeting Bertha though.

          • Hi Cyril
            Thank you so much for replying to me and giving me some very interesting information on our Pitcher family.

            I think you and I are 2nd cousins and the fact you even met some of your great aunts and uncles Is amazing sadly I only got to meet Ethel and Lily .

            I know very little about Berthas brothers and sisters apart from what I have found on Ancestry sites.

            Bertha moved to London and became a servant at a house in Tooting then married Samuel Charles Gray .
            They lived in Shepherds Bush until they died.

            I really appreciate yours and Richards Information .

            If you have any more snippets of information that you do not mind sharing I have added my email address to this message.


            All the best for 2021
            Stay safe

      • Hello Richard

        Thank you for your reply to my message regarding Bertha Beatrice Pitcher and the Pitcher Family.
        Her brothers and sisters were
        James. Emma Frederick Mary. Harry. Elizabeth Ernest. William Daisy
        Ethel. Lily. Percy.

        Some I think lived in Green End Road as well as one of the Pitcher Cottages.

        Ernest died in the Great War in 1917 .
        Percy was a farmer at Axridge Farm.

        Really appreciate you speaking to your dad to see if he has any information.


        • Hi Mark,

          My patwrnal grandmother, Kathleen (Kit) born 1890, was a Pitcher; they lived on a farm behind the church in Stoke Mandeville. I think her father was a Charles, we have a family tree somewhere among my cousins. He was an agricultural merchant/auctioneer. Some of her siblings were Harold, Leighton, Alice, Mags and Alex/James who died in the first World War. One of her male relatives (uncle or brother) owned a farm on the road between Risborough and Butlers Cross. This is a bit vague, my dad and his siblings are dead so no one to ask for more details.

          • Hi Jacky.
            Just read your note to Mark Smith. We are 2nd cousins through the Pitcher family tree, my grandfather was his grandmother’s oldest brother. I have the Pitcher family tree going back to 1700. I believe we could be distant cousins. Four generations from John Pitcher of 1700 a William Pitcher and Mary Pitcher (Popejoy) had a family of 3 boys and 3 girls. John b 1809 Charles b1810 and James b1817. Mary.1814, Eliza 1816. and Emma 1825.
            My family tree follows the John Pitcher Line of 1809 who moved from Berkshire with his parents about 1812 to bledlow Ridge, whereas I believe your’s follows his brother Charles Line of 1810. Charles, his wife and youngest son are buried at St Pauls church in Bledlow Ridge. He was married to a Charlotte Ann Edmonds and they had 11 children.
            I have all their names but have not done any research on their families, which I guess you will be part of. email

          • Hi Jacky
            Thank you for your message.and the link on the Pitchers. Found it very useful as it filled in a few blanks.
            Your paternal grandmother
            Kathleen Pitcher is my 3rd cousin 1x removed.
            I have the same problem as you all my close relatives are no longer with us so unable to find out much.
            I have found loads from the Newspaper section on Findmypast website. Plenty on Charles Henry Pitcher and his family and other Pitchers
            All very interesting reading.
            Her Father Charles Henry Pitcher was my
            2nd cousin x2 removed.


            • No idea if this is there is a connection here, but I had an auntie and uncle who lived at Wheeler End Common and had a farm there. Leonard and Clara (although we called her auntie Bob). They had 2 children – Leonard Snr and Wendy. Not too far away from the places you mention. It just made me wonder?

  29. Brilliant site, well done.

    My Mum was brought up at Lane End and it is her Carr/Hogg family I have been researching for some time. Sadly she died in 2003 and though we had found loads of relatives which amused her no end as she remembered some names she had not know they were family.

    However in the past few years I have been come across many more including the Newall family of Radnage and Adwell it seems.

    I believe some were Reverends in Radnage as well as a connection to the ones in Adwel.

    We descend from Christoher Newell and Susan Bigg who married 27/07/1590 at Radnage, in fact we descend from both parties and as is the thing these days we have DNA matches to them. We have many families tied in to this couple.

    Did I read somewhere that there is a list of Rectors of Radnage Church? Could I ask if someone would be so kind as to take a picture of the board and send it to me. I appreciate that the church may not be open at this time, we still await the reopening of our local church here in Wales, but perhaps you could bear this request in mind for when you can get access again.

    Also with your local knowledge could you explain why the some of the family were at Pophleys and some in Adwel, I think it’s a grandson of Christopher who was William Lord of the Manor of Ardwel or maybe great grandson. I can see that It’s not that far, any thoughts?.

    Thank you for reading this and I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

    Keep safe

    Angela (Member of Bucks FHS).

    • Hi Angela,
      I’ve been dabbling with family history off and on for some time and was amazed to come across this site. Thank you to all who have created it. I believe we share a connection with Walter G Hogg – my Grandfather’s brother. The more I find the more the world seems a smaller place. Good luck on your research.

    • Hi Angela
      I visited the church today and I took some pics but sadly not of the list of rectors. I wish I had seen your message before I went. When I go again I will take one for you.

  30. The information I have is that Elizabeth 1701-1768, Ralph 1705-1768 and John Stone 1703-1768 all died on the same date 5 Apr 1768 in Radnage. Does anyone have information about the manner of their death?

  31. If you Google ‘Radnage Parish Registers’ it brings up marriage & baptism records from 1574-1812. These could be really helpful for people looking for ancestors in the area.
    I wondered whether there is anywhere to check records from 1812-1840 as I’m trying to find any connections for this time.

    • Dear Mr Williams

      I am trying to find a cottage called Trendal Cottage in Radnage, my brother and sister lived there in the late 40s with there mother and father Gordon and Rina Planner
      I have a photo of the cottage at the time so if you email me I can send it to you

      Kind regards
      Jonathan Planner

      • Hi i have seen your message and believe I can give you some info Trendal Cottage was in the same group of cottages that I lived in [ there were about 7] I lived there from 1945 to 1953 [ age 11] when we moved to Flackwell Heath I knew the Planners well as Gordon worked in London and sometimes he would take me with him for the day and we would spend the PM looking at the sights Things that I would never have seen had it not been for him as he seemed to know everything ! The whole row of cottages was eventually bought by Douglas Slocombe who was a cinematographer of some note[Star Wars etc] Hope this is of interest Regards John

  32. Hi I’m doing my family tree and have got back to a Ralph Ives who married a Jane Gibbs at Radnage in 1759. I wondered if there were any records further back I know he was the son of Thomas Ives and Sarah Randall who married in 1717 in stoke church. Thankyou

  33. I believe there is a memorial in the church for William and Sybil east and was wondering if anyone has a picture of it. They are my 14th great grandparents x

  34. I am trying to make contact with Caroline Hand . I understand she is the Historian for St.Mary’s Church.I have sent two e-mails to her using the address she used in her reply to me.I did not get a response. I was hoping someone at Radnage Ancetry can help by facilitating contact with her. Thankyou.

  35. I’m looking to track my family history. The earliest Wheeler I have found is Robert Wheeler in the 1400s but can’t find anything earlier.

  36. I am looking for ancestors that lived in the Bledlow area around the 15th and 16th centuries. The spelling of my surname varies slightly at that time and my 5th, 6th and 7th great grandfathers were all called Jonathan. There wives maiden names were Sarah Youngs, Jane Keen and Marie Hawkins respectively.
    Hope you are able to help.

  37. Hi Robert
    I can shed some light on 1,2,3 and 5 as I have previously researched members of the Tonyn family and their Radnage connections.
    There are folders in the church that tell their stories, but as I guess you are in BC this will not help you.
    Too much information to put in this e-mail but if you care to contact me at I will see if I can help you.

  38. I am new to Genealogy, and I’m looking for someone in Radnage who has similar interests and would be willing to help me in my search for information. I was hoping to find someone who might send me e-mail photos of headstones of a few of my relatives who reside in the St. Mary’s Kirkyard.
    They are:
    1. My Great Uncle- Charles William Tonyn -Rector of Radnage for 38 years [1767 to 1805] He died Sept 7, 1805.
    2. My Great Aunt- Juliana Levett [née Tonyn] – She died Aug. 25, 1804.
    3. My Great Grandmother – Jane Lydia Tonyn [née Bellingham] She died May 26 ,1794.
    4. David Yeates. He died Sept 6, 1794.
    5. My Great Grandmother – Mary Magdelane Paterson [née Tonyn] She died Oct 3, 1773.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you, Contact – Robert Paterson ,from British Columbia , Canada at

    • Hi Robert,
      Mary Magdalene Paterson is my great grandmother (5 greats), my line is through her daughter who married Rev Richard Hughes and lived in Dolgellau in Wales, the Admiral was her brother.
      Caroline Hands said nobody knows where the graves are but it’s a lovely church and rectory.
      Mary Magdalene was a widow , her husband died in a fight with brother officers.
      I have a copy of a letter she wrote to her cousin The Earl of Marchmont asking for a living for Richard Hughes.

      • Hello Amanda
        I am looking for more information about Jenny Paterson/Hughes. She was a witness at my 6xgreat grandfather’s wedding at Radnage in 1781. I know she married Robert Hughes in 1794, she would have been 36, and moved to Wales. The only record I have after that is of her asking for funds in 1821.
        I’m pleased to learn that she had children. Can you tell me about her children – who and how many? Also, can you tell me when and where she died.?
        Thanks for any info you can provide.

        • This is a bit out of date so hope interest is still out there! I am doing a bit of research on Pattersons as I am transcribing letters written in the 1780s that include Pattersons. I think the lady who married Rev Richard Hughes in 1794 is described in a Will as Jane Margaret & was the niece of Margaret Boreham, nee Patterson. Connections to Margaret Boreham are mentioned in these leters & described as “cousins” of Scottish ancestors of mine – I am trying to find the link

        • I am trying to unravel some Patterson genealogy & in an 1800 will, written by Margaret Boreham, nee Patterson, she mentions “my niece Jane Margaret Hughes, the wife of Rev Richard Hughes of Garth Malin in the County of Monmouth”. She then goes on to mention them having a son James Patterson Hughes & should they have a daughter & call her Sarah after Margaret’s mother. I have a marriage for James Patterson Hughes & a burial. I think “my niece” may actually mean great niece, but all very confusing as she also mentions her late brother Captain James Patterson, but I don’t think he is Janes father

      • Hello Amanda
        We are related (cousin). Could we communicate through my email address It’s so interesting to find a living person close on our genealogical line.
        Julian Sheen is an author of an amazing book with great information on our families.

  39. Hi all,

    I’ve read a few of the comments. It seems a lot of us are researching the same line.

    I have a:

    John Newell (1794-1868) marrying Martha Barret (1784-1857)
    George Newell (1806-) marrying Mary Ann Keen (1807-1877)
    Mary Newell (1834-1909) marrying Stephen Bradbury (1835-1907)
    Caroline Bradbury (1862-1948) marrying John Atkins (1844-1927)
    Elizabeth Atkins (1885-1962) marrying Benjamin Adams (1882-196)
    Dorothy Adams (191-1972 marrying Victor Lane (1908-1997)
    Marjorie Adams (1929-2008) marrying Patrick Kelly (1919-1995)
    Then my mum
    Then me.

    I’d love to hear from anyone who is related and can tell me more.

    • I have the same ancestor as yourself, namelyMary, George and John Newall. My great, great great and great great great grandparents. Some of your dates vary from mine but sure we have the same people. I have got stuck at John Newall and have been trying for a long time to expand my tree. If you have this information I would be glad to have it. I am currently at my Geneology glass which I attend every Friday afternoon. It is nice to meet you and look forward to hearing from you. I have received a lot of help from Trevor Long who is a second cousin.

      • Hello Jean,

        I’ve just come on this site after a while and just noticed I think you replied to me, I’m sorry I didn’t get a notification.if you’d like to email me on I’d loved to hear from you.


      • Hello Jean,

        So sorry, I have just noticed an email a few years ago that you sent me. I have emailed you back, I hope you see it.

  40. 8 am trying to find the descendants of Peter George Florida. Apart from hIs son George, I can’t find any details of the descendants of his other children

    • Hello, Phillis Stone b 1760 Radnage is my 3rd great grand aunt and so Peter George Florida is my 3rd Gt Grand Uncle – I have researched many of their descendents over the years with the exception of Jane Maria Florida b 21 Mar 1786 Radnage Buckinghamshire England died Sep 1848 Newport, Gwent, S Wales – that is all I know about her but the rest I have traced. Not got far with Elizabeth either she had a daughter Mary Horwood Florida so suspect she had a child out of wedlock as most did in the family. Charles Anthony Florida I have his wife and offspring only I have more on Ann Florida and much more on George Florida b 5 May 1781 Radnage married 29 Sep 1835 Bristol,
      GEORGE FLORIDA – son – moved from Buckinghamshire to the other side of the country – BRISTOL, which has a few county names and is now in Avon. Very close to the Border with Wales. Here he met his bride Mary Lawrence. Mary was born in Christchurch as small village now in Gloucestershire. This village is just north of the town of COLFORD and east of Monmouth. Perhaps Mary was employed as a servant in Bristol, we cannot tell as it was before the Census gave any information. They married 29th September 1835 in Bristol. By the time of Census, George was a Market Gardener like his Dad George and Mary had seven children and Mary died in 1848 in Newport, Gwent, Wales, George went to live with his eldest daughter Ann Florida and he died at her home George 5 July 1869 and left a will of £200. His daughter was Ann Anstee wife of William Anstee. George died 5 July 1869 and left a will of £200. His daughter Ann Anstee wife of William Anstee the Butcher.
      Source .. England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations),1861-1941 Record
      George Florida Death: 5 Jul 1869 in Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Wales
      Other 7 Sep 1869 in Llandaff Died at Maindee, Llandaff …. WILL of £200
      Will by Oath by Ann Anstee, wife of William Anstee, Butcher and Daughter of George Florida – Well too much to relate in this message. sincerely, Ann nee Farley

      • Ann,thanks for the information. I keep hitting brick walls. I’m on myheritage & have a number of matches with people who have stone, Anstey/Anstee, Horwood etc in their trees. I also have a match with a man in New Zealand who is a direct descendant of Peter & Phillis but have been unable to make contact. I put “Farley” in the filter & brought up a handful of matches in America including one who shares 16 other surnames in our trees.

      • Hello Ann,
        I am still ploughing on but as some of the children in the family were illegitimate it will be difficult to find names. Do you know why so many of the family went off to Monmouthshire? Jane Maria seems to be the one with no information between her birth & death. It’s all very intriguing.

        • Hi John

          My father in law was born in Monmouthshire and is direct descendant of Peter George Florida. We have Florida as the family name! Let me know if I can help.

          Emma Florida-James

          • Hello Emma,
            Sorry, I’ve just seen your reply. I have no specific evidence that I’m related to the family other than having a match on myheritage who is a descendant of Peter Florida, having a small amount of West African DNA & having a lot of matches with names in their trees from the Florida family tree e.g. Stone, Anstey, Fletcher, Lewis or from Radnage. who also carry the same DNA. I’m also in touch with a number of Black American matches.
            I have quite a substantial tree but a couple of branches don’t go that far back. Do you know if any of the current descendants have done a test. I’m also on GEDmatch & FTDNA.

            • Hi John,
              I am researching Peter George Florida as he appears to be my husband’s 5x great grandfather (his Granddaughter Margaret, George’s daughter, married Thomas Sheen. He also has a minor west african DNA show. Are you on Ancestry? I’d love to look at your tree and I’m fascinated that you have found American matches too. It’s a sad but incredible story. I believe he used to run the pub in Radnage, The Three Horseshoes (Now The Mash Inn) hoping to visit it this summer.

              • Hello Helen,
                Have just seen your reply.
                I match a Julian Sheen who is a direct descendant of George. He is listed on myheritage as living in New Zealand.
                I’ve got a small amount of Nigerian DNA & lots of American matches, both Black & White.
                I have a tree on myheritage but believe that, if the Floridas are the connection, that it’s more likely to be through someone born outside of marriage.

                • Hello John, and Helen,
                  I actually live in Sydney Australia. NZ is close but not too close. A reprint of my book “Peter George Florida – a suitable slave boy” is now available.

                  Julian Sheen

                  • Hello Julian
                    We match at 19cm on myheritage. That, a small amount of Nigerian DNA & the fact that a number of my family come from Bucks but it could all be a coincidence.

                    • Hello John I don,t think it is a coincidence
                      I notice that Ancestry have done a further revision of my DNA. The result now shows an element of Togo and Benin as well as Nigeria. These results are difficult to interpret but Peter George’s home seems to have moved closer to Cape Coast Castle in Ghana which is where i believe George Tonyn foun him.

      • I’m just picking up on Anstee & Florida now, as I look for more about Jonah Anstee, born Christchurch, Newport, Monmouthshire in 1833, son of Ann (daughter of George Florida) and William Anstee. This could be a sideways step for you I fear, but it details some descendants of the Florida family. This Jonah became a jeweller (1871) and watchmaker by 1881, after having been in the family market gardening business in 1851. (1851 Wm Anstee is listed as a market gardener at Chepstow Road, Christchurch, Mon, along with Ann, 8 children, and his father in law George Florida a widowed retired market gardener from Radnage.)
        In 1871 and 1881 Jonah Anstee lived in Bridgend, Glamorgan with his wife Margaret Merchant, who was from Bristol. I believe he might have been a pub landlord in 1865 in the SteamPacket Tavern in Merchants Parade, Hotwells, Bristol. Two of their daughters, Lilian Florence (b. 1865 in Bristol) and Margaret Ann (b. 1874) married two brothers from my Lewis family of Bridgend, Abraham Morgan Lewis (1867-1943) and William Samuel Lewis (1870 – 1933). They were brothers of my great grandfather John Thomas Lewis (JTL).
        Abram, as he became, and Lily emigrated to Pennsylvania in June 1905 with their 3 children Lydia, Archibald and Abraham Jnr. Abram had turned from a collier to a baker (family business) and emigrated as such. He became a Reverend, and ended his days in Luzerne, PA. William Samuel was a Grocer in Aberdare by 1897 (his wedding to MAA); he is buried in St Brides Minor, near Bridgend. He, JTL and their two sisters were children in the Bridgend Cottage Homes, a separate section of the workhouse, while their mother was in and out of the workhouse between 1879 and her death in 1886. I’m near to tracking the final days of their father (also called John Thomas Lewis) who was very good at disappearing at census times.
        Hope this might be of interest to you Ann and to the original poster, John Williams.

        • Really interesting.I know Lewis isn’t an unusual name, but I have a 3-5 cousin on myheritage who lives in the Monmouth area, has the same DNA match & his mother was Lewis. Possibly pure coincidence. Are any of you on GEDmatch or FTDNA or myheritage?

          • Hi John, lockdown has eventually led me back to family history, when it rains outside! I have done FTDNA yes, but haven’t looked at it for years. What would we need to do to look for a match? Jan

            • If we put in any shared surnames it should match up if we have shared DNA. Are you on FTDNA as Mulreany?

              • A correction is needed re the story of George Florida, son of Peter and Phillis. If you look carefully at the “Baptisms” page from St Marys church, Radnage the page which shows the baptism of George Florida is headed “Baptisms 1781” BUT half way day down in small letters is the date Feb, 3rd 1782. This is above George’s entry – May 5th. The conclusion is that George was baptized in 1782 , 5.5 months after Peter and Phillis were married.

                • Hello Julian.
                  I’m having trouble with the font on here so I’ll send you my email address. It’s
                  I match you on myheritage where I tested & found a small amount of Nigerian DNA. We share a number of matches including Denise Rose who shares the same DNA.
                  Would love to find out more.
                  Do any of these names on your ancestry matches mean anything to you.
                  Whitlock, Curtis, Aldridge,
                  Gingell, Croot, Scriven.
                  Thanks, John

        • Hi .im a direct Decendant of Peter George florida ,
          My great grandmother Jessie Pauline Florida of Newport is Peter’s great grandaughter, we have updated a fair bit on ancestery recently ,and this generation have re instated Florida as a middle name, It appears George as the first boys name was also a tradition , Jessies first born was George Florida O’Niel unfortunatly he died after falling backwards from a chair at the age of 2 , It might be a coincidence but the use of George stopped there.
          let me know if we can help,

  41. My grandmother was Bertha Beatrice Pitcher and she lived in Bennett End. Radnage.
    with her brothers and sisters. Ernest William. Ethel Daisy. Lily and Percy

    I have found out quite a bit about the family through research however does anyone remember any of the Pitcher family especially Ernest Pitcher who died in the Great War he served in Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry he died in 1917.

    Can anyone tell me if there are any photos of Ernest or any of his brothers and sisters or any areas of Radnage that they lived any information would be great.

    Thank you for your help.

    • My grandmother is from Radnage and is Daisy Pitcher. She married a Harry Pearce therefore became Daisy Pearce. They lived most of there married life in Tatling End nr Denham. Although for a short period lived in Bristol where my father was born. The story is that around 1900 she became pregnant before marriage. I have heard that because of this she was disinherited and no longer part of the family. As a Child in the 1950s I can remember visiting her two sisters who lived together in Radnage. Her sisters then moved to The coast Clacton I think, and left all there money to a church.

      • HI Ian

        Thankyou for the information on Daisy Pitcher .How sad Daisy got disinherited from the family must of been so tough back then.
        I do not remember my mother or her sisters ever mention Daisy .They use to say that when they were children they would stay on a farm in Radnage but I cannot remember the name of the farm and who’s farm it was the farm did belong to a Pitcher tho and must have been around the 1940s My mother’s name was Olive her sisters names were Ruth and Joyce there brothers were Ernest Leonard and. Samuel There mother was Bertha Pitcher.
        Bertha married Samuel Charles Gray they all lived in Shepherds Bush. Bertha worked as a servant in London before meeting Samuel. Bertha left Radnage at quite a young age.
        Wow it’s great you can remember the two sisters my aunt Ethel and aunt Lilly. I can too and I visited them in Clacton on a few occasions in the early seventies when I was about 12.years old.
        They both died in the mid seventies they were quite eccentric if I remember and always wore a hair net and a pinny. They never had a tv but always loved going to church.
        Your right they did leave there money to the church.
        Sadly I do not have any photos of them.
        Mark Smith

    • I know there were members of the Pitcher family living in my home down of Beaconsfield 6 miles from High Wycombe. I remember I did the paperwork when he and his wife purchased a car from where I worked. He had a butchers shop in Beaconsfield.

  42. Hi – I have traced my mother’s family back to Bath but no further and saw that sometimes people used the name of a place when they needed to have a surname. The family name is Radnedge and Henry Radnedge was born in Bath in 1810. Perhaps there are some ancestors who came from Radnage Buckinghamshire. Any help much appreciated

  43. Hi,
    In the 1851 Census there is a John Avery (1802) living in Hillingdon born in Radnage.
    The area they are living is more accurately West Drayton I believe. He has a daughter called Elizabeth (1843).
    In the 1861 Census this Elizabeth Avery is listed as a niece living with my GGG Grandmother in Hammersmith. My GGG Grandfather was Charles Avery (1809-1843). His father was called Charles too (marriage cert).
    Is anyone able to help me find a John Avery (1802) and a Charles Avery (1809) with a father called Charles in the Radnage area. Please help.

    • Hello Andrew
      I am researching the AVERY family and I believe (hope) I can prove that the John Avery b. 21 Feb 1802, Radnage, father Thomas and mother Sarah, is my 3rd great-grandfather who was tried at the Old Bailey, 12 Sep 1821. The Old Bailey records say he was 20 years of age and his birth year was 1801. He was transported to Australia on Asia 2 which sailed from Downs on 9 Aug 1823 and arrived in Sydney 19 Jan 1824. Some records suggest he was from London but his Certificate of Freedom dated 30 June 1829 indicate his Native Place as High Wickham (presumably Wycombe) Buckinghamshire and his trade or calling was Chimney Sweeper. He subsequently married Charlotte Davis, also a convict. If you want any more information on this John Avery please reply and I will be glad to pass on all information I have. Regards Maureen Jones. Sydney, Australia.

  44. I’ve got a whole load of ancestors from the Radnage/Stokenchurch/Bledlow area, including (but not limited to) individuals with the surnames Newell, Stratford, Judge, Ayres and Johnson. It’s the Newells who are causing me a lot of bother at the moment – I can’t seem to reliably get them back before the late 18th century, which I want to do if I’m to stand any chance of linking up with the earlier Newells (If, that is, there IS a link…). So far, I’ve got this:

    Living (Me)
    Eva Newell 1911-1997
    Albert Newell 1876-1960
    Arthur Newell 1855-1930
    Thomas Newell 1819-1883
    John Newell ?-?

    If anyone has been able to reliably identify the correct John, I’d love to find out what you know.

    • Hello to Martin Harvey, It would take too much space here to explain the saga of John Newell so email me at and I’ll explain all that I know about this, thanks to Christine, and if you’re reading this Christine then I hope you’re doing OK.

    • Hello Ias a young man I used to live next to a family called newel the patriarch was Jim Newell they used live in an house which I b elieve was called Hithercroft on the original Bottom road Radnage now called Lower Road this house was the 2 nd house down Bottom Road from the Pond junction your dates do not tally because I am afraid to say that Arthur Newell who was a disturbed individualactually committed suicide inYoesden Wood in 1950 i deffinately know this because I found him. Although Arthur was a lovely person always ready to help anyone,he showed me how to make a whistle out of a witch hazel branch. I know that the 1950 date was correct because I was only five at the time and this effected me badly. Jim Newel was a lay preacherat Radnage mission Hall and although I don’t know where I believe there was a daughter called Ethel. I lived at the first bungalow in Bottom Road and my name is Brooks I hope this has been some help to you and I will further see if I can locate John because I am in touch with one of his best friends A Ken Martin

      • Hi. Jim (James Henry’s) was my grandfather. The house they lived in was built by Jim and was called Hazeldene. Ethel was my aunt and Arthur would have been my uncle. I knew he dies of gun shot wounds in the wood and that a verdict of suicide was passed but nobody was ever sure if it was suicide or an accident whilst our shooting. Any information you have on this would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Martin, I too am having difficulty getting beyond John Newell 1781-1868 married to Martha Barrett 1782-1857. They were my great great great grandparents. Trevor Long (second cousin) with whom I am in contact has very kindly sent me a list of Newells back to 1590 but despite that have not been able to link up with my John. If you manage to resolve would love to hear from you. Best wishes from ‘Downunder’. Jean

      • Hi Jean, I think we must be related as they are my 5 x Great grandparents. I look forward to hearing from you. Regards Peter.

    • Hi I am not sure but my great grandad was Walter newell and my grandad was Maurice newell and my dad was Martyn newell I hope this helps they are from Radnage

    • Hi Martin,

      My name’s Martin too and I’m trying to trace the Johnson line too see if they were possibly of Romany stock.
      I have Sophia Johnson born West Wycombe 1811-1883.
      I also have surnames, Lee, Stevens, Gardiner or Gardner
      All from Wycombe and great Marlow areas ..
      Any help would be greatly appreciated

      Kind regards
      Martin Parr

  45. Hi I have just started my family tree and I have ancestors in Radnage, West wycombe and stoke church. Newell, strateford,Ayres have come up on my family tree.

    • Hello Candice

      Many of my ancestors come from exactly the same area of West Wycombe to Stokenchurch, in the Keen and White families. But I wonder whether your name was corrupted from Hearn which is a surname in the area, particularly a surname for gypsy families who travelled the area and made temporary homes on the common lands in Stokenchurch and Chinnor Hill and Downley (part of West Wycombe parish). Have you ever checked you DNA, for mine is 0.9% East Asian which is high for typical Brits of 0.0 or 0.1%, perhaps showing gypsy blood that I have not precisely proved, but highly likely. I look forward to your comments. Andrew Oliver

      • I have loads of Keen in my ancestry including Elizabeth b 1750 West Wycombe, married 16 Jan 1773 to my 4th gt grandfather, George Ing who married three times. He was baptised 31 Dec 1732 West Wycombe I have 2 sons and one dau for the couple and followed Sarah Ing who mar. Thos Herridge nd I have 3 sons and a dau. However, for me son Thos mar my 3rd Gt Grandmother, Hannah Stone 26 Oct 1801 in Radnage. I have Wm Keen s of Edmund and Ann nee King and Wm b 1835 Bledlow mar Sep 1847 my first cousin x 3 removed, Lavinia Ing. – I have 13 children for the couple.- He started having children when fifteen years old.

        • I am an Ing, I have been able to trace back to 6x great grandfather Thomas Ing (1781) who was married to Hannah stone from radnage. Struggling to find any information further back from here.

          • I have found some information for you. On Beni Hanna Stone b.19th Apr 1772 had 2 husband’s, John Bennell & Thomas Ing. Her parents were John “the elder” Stone & Elizabeth Almon/Almond. If you Google it you can press on the highlighted names to go back further. Thomas’ parents were George Ing b.1732 & Elizabeth Keene b.1750. I found that on familysearch which you can join for free.

  46. Bianca
    I was so pleased to see your note of 4/6/2018. For a moment I thought I had stumbled on something posted years ago – so happy we are in the same century!!

    My name is Michael Ludlow and my email address for your information is “” I give you that because I am currently north of 80 years old and I am now stumbling on these new websites. I should be grateful if you would use that if you wish to reply.

    You are in Dover, which brings back happy memories of cross-channel ferries but currently I am in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Time difference of eight hours. My connection is the following. My mother Stella Grace Kendall was born in 1907 the daughter of George Kendall and Grace Stone; the latter being a direct descendant of Edward Stone, christened 20 Feb 1698, married to Elizabeth Barlow on 10 Feb 1725 in West Wycombe Parish Church.

    At the end of your post you state that you stumbled over a conversation on Ancestry which indicated that her father Edward was a Miller and the notes handed to me also state that fact and that he lived 1680 to 1762. If my source is still alive I will see if we have further evidence which I will happily pass on to you.

    If, in the meantime, you have had further information, I would be grateful to receive it. Thank you for your post.



    • Hello Michael,

      thank you for getting in contact with me via this website. I have sent you two emails and I’m not sure if you received them?


    • Hi Michael I stumbled across your message while researching a family from Bledlow Bucks. Of interest to me is the name Ludlow…not a very common one. I belong to a group called Ludlows of Bucks and Oxon and there is a book written about our branch of the family by one of the members. Wondering what you know of your Ludlow family…grandparents and great grandparents for instance. Regards Jenny

  47. Hi from Dover,
    I’m working at the family tree from my partner and I’m trying to trace any information about the Barlows, Burgess’, Stones and Bennells from Radnage.

    Here is the list I’ve got so far:
    Edward Barlow (1654-1716) married Esther Tayler (1656-1731)….9th Great-Grandparents,
    Edward Barlow (1680-1762) married Elizabeth Burgess (1682-1764)….8th Great-Grandparents,
    Elizabeth Barlow (1706-1784) married Edward Stone (1697-1787)….7th Great-Grandparents,
    John Stone (1727-1783) married Elizabeth Almond (1728-1810)….6th Great-Grandparents,
    John Stone (1753-1836) married Mary Dolling (born abt 1760)….5th Great-Grandparents,
    Esther Stone (1812-1888) married Edmund Bennell (1810-1873)….4th Great-Grandparents,
    George Henry Bennell (1835-1875) married Mary Castle (1834-1904)….3rd Great-Grandparents.

    I stumbled over a conversation on Ancestry about the Barlows. Someone said that Edward Barlow was a miller but I couldn’t find any further information about that. It would be great if someone has more informations about these families.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Bianca,
      John Stone (1753-1836) and his first wife, Elizabeth Pewsey (1746-1785) of Radnage were my 4th great grandparents, so that would make us half 4th cousins or something along those lines.
      My email is cathiesteele( Just remove the brackets to use the address. I have quire a bit of information on the Stones if you would like to share research.

      • HI Cathie and Bianca.
        My 5th great grandparents are John Stone and Elizabeth Almond.
        My 4th Great Grandparents are Robert Stone and Ann Avery
        My 3rd Great Grandparents are Thomas Stone and Hannah Parker
        My 2nd Great Grandparents are Thomas East and Ellen Stone
        so it looks as if we are related too. Are either of you on ancestry and have you taken the DNA test yet? i have also just found another cousin who is related via Elizabeth Almond and Hannah Stone who I am just getting to know.
        I would love to swap info too. My email is
        Happy New Year to you.

    • A number of documents help make the connection to the Barlow millers of Radnage… my belief is that the Bledlow Ridge mill was transported from Radnage some time after the mill fell out of the hands of the Barlow family… as Bledlow Ridge was the initially intended location when it was moved from Princes Risborough c.1650. Email me at – Richard Holt of Holt’s Family History Research

  48. Hello to Marion and Dennis Edwards and Tracy Fisher ……….. I’m the Trevor Long from 2015/2016 if you care to scroll down the page. I’ve researched the Newells and the Plumridges to death because they were my grandparents. If you tell me a bit more about what you know or don’t know then I hope I can add to your research.
    And hi Corky. You say your dad was born in Nebraska in 1885, he must have been the only person there…… just joking, I have very good friends in Creighton, NE but I know nothing of any Newells emigrating to Ohio or Nebraska.

      • hi Candice, my grandfather was Horace Newell, born in Stokenchurch but lived in Beacons Bottom, he was one of the children of George and Alice Newell, what are the names of the Newells in your family

        Thanks Dennis

  49. Hi there 🙂 I’m very new to all this, so forgive me, but I’m looking for any information on Nicholas Oxlade, who was born in Radnage in 1476. I don’t have a great deal of info regarding him, but I thought it would be worth giving you a shout to see if you could point me in the direction of any helpful advice or hints? My family (particularly my Mum, God bless her!!!) would be eternally grateful. Many thanks in advance 🙂

    • Quite some work getting back to 1476! I assume you’ve spent some time trawling through documents at The National Archives it maybe stumbled across some wills that helped. Happy to give you some pointers if you email me at – Richard Holt of Holt’s Family History Research

  50. Hi,

    I’m looking for information on Martha Plumridge/Bryant/Briant/Steptoe abt 1821 & Mary Ann Plumridge/Steptoe abt. 1854 in Stokenchurch. I think Martha may have moved to Radnage when she was older & lived with her son Daniel Steptoe.

    Any help gratefully received.

    • My great grandmother was Alice Elizabeth Plumridge who married George Newell, they lived in Beacons Bottom, apparently Alice had siblings, William, Benjamin, Amos,Owen and Martha. Martha would have been born around 1845,and died in 1932, she married Elisha Bird, not sure if there is a connection for you

  51. I am researching the East’s for my husband’s mother… particularly around the 1500’s to 1600’s. Does anyone have any info please… keen to know about occupations etc. ie Thomas East b 17 mar 1639, m Mary Harris. Thomas parents Henry (b 1598) and Margery. Henry’s parents Thomas East and Dorothy Penn.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Kind Regards,
    Trish Palmer

    • There is a lot of unsourced trees stating parents on the East line where there seems to be little evidence – especially past Henry East. I have a number of East records available to me as a researcher with particular interest in families within Radnage and a Buckinghamshire. There are also further records that might shed some light on the East line that I have not yet looked into. Look me up and message me at Holt’s Family History Research on Facebook.

  52. My uncle,Wilfred George Eggleton, was one of the young men from Radnage who were killed in the first world war. His name is on the war memorial and I wonder if anyone can tell me when the war memorial was erected.

  53. I am having a hard time to find any people from the Newell side of my family.As my dad passed away when i was 6 . My mom was tighted lip about antpeople from my dads side and her side.My dad was born in 1885 i belive in Nebraska. .But i have been told they were from Ohio. His dads name was George.Now you know what i know.If anyone could help i would like that. Thank You CORKY nick name

    • I am trying to trace any family members in Canada, nee Newell, my great grandfather was Ernest Josiah Newell, his family emigrated to Canada, they were herds people

      • Hi Marion, I believe my grandfather Horace Newell was a brother to Ernest Josiah Newell. Horace and his wife, Lily moved to Canada in 1914, and his brothers Arthur and Ben came to Canada in 1906. Ben and Arthur homesteaded and farmed in Saskatchewan, Canada and Horace lived in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

  54. Any information about the Bennell family would be gratefully received. We visited the Church in Radnage last week and found the graves and record books that had been left out – very helpful.

    • Hi. Emma Frances Bennell was my Great Grand Mother who was the second wife of Isaac Newell. I have a lot of Bennell data on tree sent to me done years back

  55. Hello
    I am a descendant of the Newells of Beacons bottom. My grandfather was William Newell , son of John And Ellen Newell born Stokenchurch and Bennet end .
    I think Johns parents were Thomas and Martha ( Brooke’s) but not sure.
    Any information appreciated, thanks

    • Hi Tracy, I am also trying to trace the Newell family in Buckinghamshire as this is where my great grandfather lived before moving to Essex if you think there is a connection please contact me.

    • My grandfather, Horace Newell was from Beacons Bottom, his parents were George and Alice Newell. George’s parents were George and Mary Newell. The family lived in the cottages at the end of Beacons Bottom village by the lane leading to Water End. There was a row of 4 cottages. My research shows that there were several Newell Families living in the Beacons Bottom area from 1841 onwards

      • Hi Dennis my grandfather was Francis Newell. I believe to be brother of horice. George and Alice were my great grandparents. Francis had three children . My father frank and brothers Frederick Stanley and Harold Claude Newell

    • Hi,
      Isaac Newell and Emma Bennell had 7 children:
      Mary Ann. Born 1881
      James Henry Newell 188?- 1955
      Emily Jane 1885.-?1957 my grandmother married Charles Gunn
      Frederick Newell 1887- 1959
      Ada Alice. 1890-1959
      Jonah Philip 1894-1970
      John W. Newell 1899-1963

      My grandmother went into service in London and that is where she met Charlie. I do remember her siblings.
      Isaac Newell’s first wife was Jane Butler 1851-1878.
      Isaac Newell’s parents:-
      James Newell. 1812- 1888. Elizabeth Hosler. 1817- 1909
      Emma Bennell’s parents:-
      George Henry Bennell 1835- 1875 . Mary Castle1834- 1904
      I hope this is useful and if anyone else browsing can give further information regarding the Newell family I would appreciate getting in touch.

      My grand mother used to tell me wonderful stories about growing up in Radnage!
      Look forward to hearing from anyone

  56. I have just found out that my great-great grandfather George Ing was born in Radnage, Buckinghamshire on June 11, 1809. His brother William Ing was born there in 1811. Their parents were Thomas Ing 1781-1850 and Hannah Stone 1772 – .
    Would you have any information on them?
    Any info would be appreciated.

    • My gg grandmother was Lavinia Ing – she could have been George’s brother. My g grandmother was Sarah Keen (Lavinia’s daughter). Sarah married Richard Dean and they lived in Stokenchurch.


    • Hi Jane, I only discovered George Ing (my 4x Great Grandfather) last night but Genes Reunited do not go back any further. My mum’s maiden name is Ing. I see that your post was a couple of years ago. Have you managed to find out any more information?

      Kindest regards

    • Hello, Regarding George Henry Ing 1809-1897 son of Hannah Stone and Thomas Ing – my 3rd Great Grandparents. My granny prior to marriage was Rosina Ing daughter of James Ing who was son of Thomas Ing b Radnage 1807 being brother of whom you descend. According to my records, George Ing married Mary Stratford b 1811 Water End Stokenchurch, Oxon and I have about 13 children for them. I cannot give all the wives and children for the 13 – about 4 dau and rest sons – here as too much to type. I can tell you more however. Ann nee Farley

      • Hi Ann, thank you for the info! Yes I would love to find out more. Are you on Genes Reunited? We can message each other there.

  57. Does anyone know if this the church that has a monumental inscription that reads:

    In memory of
    Edward Neighbour,
    Who died June 2, 1777, aged 69 years.

  58. I have been doing family tree and chased back to William east born 1500 married to sibyll bellsun of radnage was wondering if you had any more information about him. Thanking you for your assistance. Maria East

    • Hi, Did you get the info you needed for William East and Sibyell/Sibyll/Sibill Bellsun? I have a little if you’d like to make contact. Regards, Trish

      • I am also descended from William East and Sibyll Belson. Would love to have any information you’re willing to share with me. My East ancestors immigrated to Virginia, USA, and eventually made their way down to Mississippi, where my great-great-grandmother, Mary Ann East, was born.
        Thank you!
        Susanne Jennings

        • Hi, Trisha ,
          I also have William east born 1519 in Radnage married to Sibill Belson. Stuck here. Solomon east born 1814 is my great grandfather. Any info would be very appreciated.

        • Most of the family trees are unsourced and have little foundation connecting anything beyond Henry East… I have a number of East records available as a researcher with interests within Buckinghamshire… including a wills index specific to East. There are a number of documents at The National Archives that may shed more light on how Henry East connects to William Est who has a brass in the parish church. Look me up and message me at Holt’s Family History Research on Facebook.

      • Most of the family trees are unsourced and have little foundation connecting anything beyond Henry East… I have a number of East records available as a researcher with interests within Buckinghamshire… including a wills index specific to East. There are a number of documents at The National Archives that may shed more light on how Henry East connects to William Est who has a brass in the parish church. Look me up and message me at Holt’s Family History Research on Facebook.

    • Most of the family trees are unsourced and have little foundation connecting anything beyond Henry East… I have a number of East records available as a researcher with interests within Buckinghamshire… including a wills index specific to East. There are a number of documents at The National Archives that may shed more light on how Henry East connects to William Est who has a brass in the parish church. Look me up and message me at Holt’s Family History Research on Facebook.

  59. I’m trying to trace my TRENDELL and AVERY ancestors.

    My 3x great grandfather was James TRENDELL, born 1814 in Radnage. He married Patience AVERY in 1844, in Crowell, and I am descended through their son, Henry TRENDELL, born 1857 in Nettlebed. Henry Trendell moved to Reading which is where the family stayed.

    James TRENDELL was a chair maker and Patience AVERY was a lace maker when they married. According to the marriage certificate, James TRENDELLs father is John TRENDELL and a labourer.

    I read on this page that in 2014 the parish records are still in the church at Radnage. Is this still the same or have they been moved to a records office now?

    Any help much appreciated.

      • Thank you.

        We will be in Radnage the morning of Saturday, September 23rd. Look forward to viewing the parish records then.

    • Hi Carolyn
      In my family tree I have got James Trendell b 27/7/1811 d 4/6/1865 married to Patience b 1820.
      James was 9th offspring of John Trendell b 20/8/1764 m Ann b 1774.
      John was 4th offspring of William b 14/7/1734 m Elizabeth
      William was 3rd offspring of John m Jane Luce and here I have been stuck for a long time.
      Henry was 6th (for 7) offspring of James and Patience
      I haven’t done any research for ages but I had a lot of help compiling a family tree about 15 years ago.
      Hopes this help.
      If you want to learn more email or call 07545501355

      • Hi,

        Thanks for the help. Am in Radnage for the night and will be visiting the church tomorrow morning to look at the parish records. Will let you know how I get on.


        • Went to St Mary’s church but all locked up. Phoned the revd who said the records are held in a central location and we would need to make an appointment to view the records.

          • Sorry you found the church ‘locked up’. The door is stiff (it is 500 years old!) so might have seemed locked, but St Mary’s was definitely open during the day yesterday. You will find all our records of births, marriages and deaths in black folders that are normally held on the old ‘bier’ in the chancel which is in the east end of the church. The records date from about 1574 to the end of the 19th century. There is also a plan of the burial ground with an (incomplete) record of graves.

            • Sorry, have only just seen this reply.

              Will try and visit again either this month or during May, again on a Saturday.

              Is the church open every Saturday? If so, what are the opening times as may not be till the afternoon.

              Many thanks.

  60. I am trying to find any information about my 5th great grandfather John Dormer who Married Ann Wellard in 1st October 1747 any information would be of great help i am disabled but would make the trip if it was worthwile i live in Cornwall
    Kind regards
    John Elliott

      • Welcome to the Family! The Stones seem to have arrived in Radnage when Ralph Stone married Elizabeth (name unknown but from Radnage because Ralph was born in Princes Risborough) in St Mary’s in 1665. I can connect you to researchers specialising in the family. There is a gravestone on the right of the entrance path to the church to a Stone but I forget which one. I was there when there was a tv crew filming in May 2014. Could you also please tell me the name of the show? Thank you! St Mary’s is a beautiful church and the Village of Radnage breathtaking to an Australian who heard how beautiful Bucks was all her life and now knows it was no exaggeration! 🙂

        • I have several White ancestors who used to live in Radnage. My great-great grandfather, John White a labourer of Radnage Common and son of James White a labourer, married Ann Seymour, lacemaker and daughter of John Stone, on 17th Dec 1842 in Radnage. I have been trying to find out more about John Stone without much success so I would be interested to know more about the Stone family in this area. I did find a christening of Ann Seymor on 21 Oct 1821 in Radnage and the mother was Jane Seymor. So any information on the Stone and Seymour/Seymor families in Radnage would be very welcome. John’s father James White was born in Stokenchurch near Radnage.

        • Thank you Anthea for the information regarding Ralph Stone, his wife was Elizabeth Stephens ,i will visit the church some time later in the year
          Kind regards
          John Elliott

        • Hi
          I’m researching my family tree. I’ve come to a junction!
          There are Stones in Radnage and also Chalfont st Giles that are furniture makers/chair makers. I’m confused as to which are mine?
          My Father was a furnature maker till recently so followed the family tradition.
          His Father was Albert Lloyd George Stone and his Grandfather was Thomas White Stone. They all were chair makers.
          Would love some help with this.
          Thank you in advance
          Nicola stone

        • I am trying to research my mums relatives – the Stone family who were chair makers in Radnage. Does anyone have photos of the Stone family or their business/es. It seem most of the family were wood turners or chair makers. Would love to know the styles of chairs they made, what timber or what other items they made. Were they a well known business in the area and was it a small, medium or large concern? Was it an area known for chair making? Any help would be much appreciated.

          • Hello from Canada!

            I am also a Stone from my mother’s side of the family!! My great great grandfather was William Stone born in Radnage around 1833 who married Ellen who was born in Handycross. They had son Samuel (born around 1860) also born in Radnage, who married wife Elizabeth and then had son Arthur(born around 1881) in Radnage who then moved to High Wycombe and married Lily Bravington who gave birth to my mother Ruth Stone in 1922. Anyone info would be greatly appreciated!!


            • Hi Barbara,

              Samuel Stone is my 3rd great grandfather, I am connected to Arthur’s brother George.
              You may have this already – Samuel’s mother was called Ellen Warren and her grandmother was Charlotte Stone. Samuel married Elizabeth Dolden in 1881

              Also, are there any Stone experts or Buckinghamshire photographers experts who would be able to offer some advice for identifying some people in old photos. I have a photo with Mrs R Blake written on the back (photographer in Great Marlow 1883)



      • There is a gravestone on the right of the entrance path to the church to a Stone but I forget which one. I was there in May 2014 when there was a tv crew filming. Could you also please tell me the name of the show? Thank you!

        St Mary’s is a beautiful church and the Village of Radnage breathtaking to an Australian who heard how beautiful Bucks was all her life and now knows it was no exaggeration! 🙂

        • They were filming Cranford, they filmed the 1st episode, and used 2 Yews Cottage which is next door to the church .

    • Hi John,
      Your 5th ggrandfather John Dormer and Ann Wellard were my 4thggrandparents, and their ggrandson was another John Dormer who married Elizabeth Stone in 1847. The latter were my grandparents, so we may well be twice related. as its only a hamlet, and our families lived in Radnage for many generations, we could be even further related again!
      Love to make contact with you. I am in Australia, so best by email on cathiesteele( Just remove the brackets to use the email address.

      Cathie Steele nee Dormer

  61. Radnage Ancestry
    I wonder if you might advise me? Will it be possible to look at the parish record books next weekend, probably Sat morning 11/2/2017 or Sunday 12/2/2017 around lunchtime avoiding any services of course? I used to live in Downley, High Wycombe. I have moved to Cornwall.I now find that some of my family were chair & lace makers & other trades in Stokenchurch & Radnage! I think the furthest back I have traced to Radnage is William Hunt Wheelwright born around 1779, his son John Hunt born around 1805 (wheelwright/carpenter), his wife Harriet Avery born around 1807 (lacemaker) & their son James Hunt born around 1833 (chair turner) who married Fanny Messenger (chair seater) from Stokenchurch. We are in Bucks/Berks next weekend & hope we can get over to Radnage.

    • Of course. St Mary’s will be open on both days and you will find copies of the record books for you to check – (Births, Marriages and Funerals). Good luck.
      Maybe someone else here can give you more information regarding your family.

  62. I’m looking into my family tree, and according to my grandfather, our family originate from Radnage. The relative I know of who lived there was Henry Pitcher c.1910. Any information on him other Pitchers from the area would be greatly appreciated.
    Please email at

    • My grandmother is from Radnage and is Daisy Pitcher. She married a Harry Pearce therefore became Daisy Pearce. They lived most of there married life in Tatling End nr Denham. Although for a short period lived in Bristol where my father was born. The story is that around 1900 she became pregnant before marriage. I have heard that because of this she was disinherited and no longer part of the family. As a Child in the 1950s I can remember visiting her two sisters who lived together in Radnage. Her sisters then moved to The coast Clacton I think, and left all there money to a church.

  63. I do beleive my Uncle was running the post office around the 1950s. He was Joseph Brooks and his wife Mary. Now living in Spain it would great if I could unite some of the family history.
    Many Thanks Trevo Brooks

  64. I know that a number of my Stacey ancestors were buried in Radnage. I am assuming it was at St. Mary’s church. Are there any restrictions on visiting the St. Mary’s church cemetery? I am hoping to visit the next time I am in England. Also Is there a way of viewing the church records; or is there any archives that hold these records?

    • There are two record books in St Mary’s that go back to 1574 for births deaths and marriages that are available for viewing. Unfortunately we don’t have them online yet, but you can visit anytime.

    • There are records in the church that go back to the 1500’s so if you visit, you can browse through the books.

  65. Further to my earlier request for information in the Rixson family, after receiving further information from Australia, I have managed to track them down in Stokenchurch. Many thanks.

  66. I am fairly new to Radnage and I believe my telephone number has been reallocated to me and previously belonged to the Rixon or Rickson family. I have received many calls over the past year asking for Paul Rixon, all of which I believed to be cold callers so I haven’t really paid too much attention until this morning when I received a call from Australia. The person who called today was looking for Sylvia Rixon, previously Sears, she believes she had a sister called Mary and a son called Paul. She believes Sylvia went to school in Stokenchurch and may have even lived in Stokenchurch rather that Radnage. It would be lovely to help this caller from Victoria in Australia, who’s Mother was good friends with Sylvia. If anyone can give me any information on any of these names I would be very grateful.

    Please email me at

  67. Hi, i was given 30yrs ago by an elderly Radnage lady a list of names of us kids circa 1955-1980, if anyone would like a copy do please email me If you can add to it do please let me know. It has grown over the years I have laid it on the Roads of Radnage. Cheers Paul formally of No2 Green Lane.

  68. I descend from a Stephen White who was transported to Maryland in 1659 with a Robert Saunders. They later were involved in a land transaction in Maryland thus we think they might have known one another in England. Another land transaction Stephen White sells part of a tract called “Radnage”. Is it possible that Stephen White and Robert Saunders came from Radnage or the vicinity? The family has a DNA test and would love to find a White in England who might test for a “match. Thank you, R. Bromley

  69. Can anyone help confirm some details I have for a Thomas Ashby born around 1776. The details I have are
    OCT 1810 • Radnage, Bucks to Elizabeth Ann Mealing (1787–1867)
    16 Aug 1849 • Radnage, Bucks
    I believe they had 6 children
    David, Mary, Moses, Sarah, Sophia and Ann
    Kind regards

  70. Hi Paul,
    Vi ( Violet)Pitcher ( married to Ernest)was my mum, Tony is her son are we mixing up the Vi’s?

  71. Hello,
    I’m not looking for anyone in particular in Radnage but would like to know if there was ever a home called Radnage Manor, or the like….during WWII my father stayed in a grand empty old multi-roomed house which he remembered as being named Radnage Manor. He was required to stay alone in this house to watch over machinery which was stored there. He experienced some very strange eeries occurrences…thus he did not get much sleep. He remembered the entrance to the driveway had large ornamental gates and embedded in the brick wall was a mail box with the Queen Victoria emblem. He also remembered a pub in the area called The Three Cricketers. I inquired to Cotswold Life back in 1983 on my Dad’s behalf but they could not locate the Radnage Manor property…but they did mention a Radnage House. Sadly my Dad passed away a few years back… but having just found this magazine and info again in my storage area I thought I would try another inquiry through different means.
    Thank you for any information about this location.

    • I think the house you are looking for is probably Radnage House rather than Radnage Manor – it is now the riding stables. Hope this helps.

    • My father (Harold Dormer) and his family left Radnage in 1923. He used to describe playing at the Manor with the children there, before it was burned down. Don’t know what property he referred to, though. Also when I talked to Bill Guidery, who lived in Radnage most of his life before passing away a few years ago, he said the local children used to sing a ditty that went: “Ring the bells John Dormer, the thieves are in the Manor. ” So I assume that one of the bigger houses used to be called The Manor by the locals.
      More clues but no answers as yet?

  72. Derek Tolley-Newell …. A fellow researcher has corrected my mistakes and errors so “together” we have an update on my August 2015 posting. We have James Newell (born 1807) who married Agusta and had five children (Henry, Charles, John, James and Isaac). Isaac married Emma Bennell and they had seven children (Mary Ann, James Henry, Emily, Frederick, Ada Alice, Jonah and John William Thomas). James married Sarah Styles and we find nine children having a mother maiden name Styles but we are not sure about parents, as I will explain. Evelyn born 1910, Albert born 1912, Frederick born 1914, Gladys born 1916, Thomas born 1918, Arthur born 1920 and your father Robert born 1921 we have taken to be the children of James and Sarah. The final two children are Ethel born 1924 and Jonathan born 1926. Are they the children of James and Sarah or are they the children of James’s brother John who married Eliza Styles? We then have another question Derek. Your great grandfather Isaac was the son of James Newell born 1807 who was the son of John Newell born 1781. Can you help us with any information about this latter John Newell. My email is

  73. I am still experiencing difficulty tracing the parents of Mary Newell my great grandmother born in 1838 at Stokenchurh. I would appreciae any information which would allow me to continue my search. Thankyou.

    • Well Jean your great grandmother was my great grandfather’s older sister by two years. She was born in the hamlet of Water End where her parents George Newell and wife Mary Ann Keen lived after their marriage. George b1806 had started out as a farm labourer but switched to a road man in his late thirties. The main road from London to Oxford was less than a mile away and had been churned up by the stage coaches and carts so there was an increasing amount of work in road repairs using the local stone. I don’t know when he died but his wife Mary Ann b1806 died in 1877. She had been the daughter of William and Fanny Keen, both born in West Wycombe, Buckinghamshire in about 1781, married there in about 1803 and had seven children. George had been the second of ten children born to John Newell (1781-1868) of Stokenchurch and Martha Barret (1782-1857) of West Wycombe. Depending on how I excite you, we can go back to 1669 but then I run out of relatives. Happy times from your third cousin Trevor.

      • Greetings from Salisbury South Australia to my third cousin in England.
        I was overjoyed today to discover your reply to my query and thank you so much for making my day. I would certainly like to be excited further by going back to 1669.Alittle about me. I migrated to South Australia with my husband in 1954 and both worked in the guided weapons industry for fourteen years before changing to the commercial world where Robert worked in the wool industry and myself in retail (office). We retired in 1985 and became involved in social and community activities. Robert died nine and a half years ago. I have endeavoured to keep myself busy with various activities including lacemaking and geneology. You are no doubt aware that two of my ancestors were lacemakers in Buckinghamshire.
        My last visit to UK was 3 years ago when I caught up with family and friends and met a second cousin for the first time. Thank you again for helping me. Jean

      • Hello Trevor, My 4th great-grandfather was John Newell (1781 – 1868) and next was 3rd great grandfather George Newell (1806 – 1877) then his daughter Eliza married into the Ashby line. I see you can go back to 1669 with the Newell,s I would appreciate any information you may have.

        • David, come and join the club !! I was quite rightly picked up by a fellow researcher concerning John Newell born 1781. I had claimed that he was the son of John Newell born 1750 and his wife Lydia born 1754. We are agreed that could not be, so we are currently stuck, unable to discover the parents of your 4th great grandfather John. Contact me at the email address just up the page and I will gladly expand on all that.

    • Hi Jean, I’ve just discovered this website, and am thrilled to discover some familiar names from my research. I believe I am directly descended from Stephen Bradbury and Mary Newell, through their daughter Elizabeth (b. 1859) who married George Rogers in 1880. Elizabeth and George are my great-grandparents. If my facts are right, then I think we are third cousins once removed!
      Thanks also to Trevor for the details in his post dated 21/10/15, I had never managed to get back further than Stephen and Mary.
      Best wishes to you both.

      • Hi Graham, Jean’s really excited about discovering new relations just in time for Christmas. Her email wouldn’t register on this site. Can you email me and I will pass your address to Jean.

      • I am researching the Bradbury family tree and my great grandparents were William Irving and Emma White on my grandmothers side. I am having great difficulty tracking down Emma’s parents and would be most grateful for any leads. Trevor Long and Graham Bates have already helped me in my research for which I am most thankful. Please contact me if you can help. Regards Jean

  74. Attention Derek Tolley-Newell …… Hi Derek I missed your message in April ‘cos I was in the garden !! You now need to concentrate whilst I confuse you. My grandfather was James Emmanual Newell (b1874 in Beacons Bottom) and his father was George Newell (b1837 at Water End) and his father was George Newell (b1806 in Stokenchurch) and his father was John Newell (b1781 in Stokenchurch). Now, according to me that John Newell and his wife Martha had ten children, one of whom was James Newell (b1807 at West Wycombe) who married Agusta and had four children, one of whom was Isaac (b1852 at Stokenchurch) who married Emma Bennell from Bennetts End and had seven children, one of whom was James (b1882 at Water End) who married Sarah Styles from Town End, Radnage. Finally I spoil the story by only knowing about four of their children – Evelyn, Albert, Frederick and Gladys which leaves your dad out of it. Is there a connection ?? No I’ve never ‘eard of you. Love Trevor

  75. Hi everybody,
    I am trying to trace my family who were from Radnage and Stokenchurch.
    They moved to Manchester in the late 1800’s and set up a chair making factory in the centre of the city. My great great grandfather was Jonah Bennell (b.1847 d.1930) who married Sarah Ann Barney in 1866. Jonah was a Methodist lay preacher and returned to Stokenchurch when he retired, living opposite the church on the common.
    Jonah’s father was Edmond or Edmund Bennell and he was married to Esther Stone.

    • Hi Debbie,
      I know that you posted some time ago but i am a Bennell and wondered what information you had regarding the Bennell family
      Ken R G Bennell ( Thame )

  76. Hi Everyone, I am hoping some one out there might be able to help me with families from my Family tree.
    I am trying to find out about

    I have Robard (Robert ??) Allen b abt 1630 married Sesly (maybe Cecily) they had a son Isaac b 1655 married Catherine Boarer b abt 1655.
    Their son Isaac b 1682 married Colubery Greenwood, they had 5 children. One of the children was my 6x great grandmother who married John Franklin.
    Am hoping there might be a connection with some one that can help me with my families from the area.
    Thanking all that have read this.
    Sharane email address Subject Radnage (as will go to junk mail and I don’t want to miss anyone that might answer)

  77. Hi everyone. I can trace Newells in radnage and surrounding area back to 1708. The family married Bennells, Whites, Ashby, Plumridge, Gomme and more and lived in Radnage, Stokenchurch, Bennet End, Water End and Horsleys Green. If anyone knows anything or has any questions please get in touch. I have lots of information just not necessarily all pieced together. I do know there were many second marriages and most of my family are buried in front of and to the right of St Mary’s as you stand in front of the church.

    • my great grandmother was Mary Newell born c.1838 and married to Stephen Bradbury. I am anxious to trace Mary’s parents and grandparents and wondered if youcan help me to progress further with my family tree. Look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. Jean in South Australia.

    • Hi Derek, I’m from the long line of Ashbys that come from the Stockenchurch area. I have a Mary Newell born around 1685 who married a John Ashby on 14 OCT 1711 in St Michaels & All Angels,Hughendon, Bucks. Not sure if this would be one of your relations

    • Hi Derek, my grandfather was Horace Newell from Beacons Bottom, his parents were George and Alice (nee Plumridge) My research indicates that George’s parents were George and Mary , their children were Ann,Caroline, Mary, George (married Alice Plumridge), Eliza, Alfred,
      Ellen and Sarah. If you have any additional information please let me know, thanks for your assistance

  78. Does anyone know the name of the artist who used to live in the thatched cottage next to the Crown pub must have been there during the 60s70s

    • Hi Perrelva ,cant help you with your question but was wondering of you are Fay’s sister? If so then your mum used to look after me when I was à baby & toddler and Fay and I used to play Together at your Home along the end of Green Lane our house / farm was called Pigeoncote

      • Hi Linda, I’ve just come across this website, yes Perrelva is my sister. How are you, it seems a long time since we last met. Fay

      • Hi Linda,
        I’m Beverley ,sister of Perrelva and Fay,
        Can you tell me if vi pitcher is still alive please?
        Our mum is still with us and is now 105,
        She lives in Rutland where I live,
        She was friends with vi for many years, and we have been in touch, but have had no contact lately,
        Any news would be appreciated, many thanks

        • Hi Fay,
          What a coincidence! found this site last year. It would seem as we get older we start to remember more about our early years. It must be 50 years since we last met! However remember visiting you and staying over at your place very vividly.I am very well and have lived in the Netherlands for the last 40 years but always have a drive around Radnage if possible when back in the UK.
          Would love to hear from you and have a big catch up. Will let you know next time, or if you are ever over here let me know! Linda

          • Hi, sounds a lovely idea to meet up when you are next over here. I will try and remember to open this site every now and then.

        • Helo Beverley,
          How fantastic, that you mum has reached 105! Mum died five years ago but she also did well getting to 89. She suffered with osteoporosis from her late 60,s onwards but otherwise did quite well and lived independently in Somerset until she died.
          Dad died in 1991. Pauline still lives in High Wycombe. We lost contact with Josie.Tony, my brother,now lives in Spain. Best regards, Linda

          • Our mum Marion Louise Sears,died las week, age106,
            she died in Rutland,near daughter Beverley,
            mum lived in Radnage untill she was97years old,

        • Hello Fay and Beverly, did you get to find out if Vi is still with us, I last saw her 5 yes ago when her son John bought down to see mum. I have a list of names of us kids from 1950/80,s given to me years ago, which over the years I have added to. If you email me I can send you a copy its quite extensive. If you can add to it do please let me know so I can update mine. Hope you’re both well. Say hi to mum for me. I will visit Radnage next week 6/3/16

  79. I’m an old timer originating from the Newell/Plumridge family living down at Crookswood in Thirds Wood off Studley Green. I remember most things from my childhood but just cannot recall where Lydia’s Bottom was. Can somebody help ?
    Well done on an excellent uncomplicated village website.

    • Hello. I think you must be thinking of Lyddy’s Bottom, which is the lower end of Radnage Common Road. In fact, the very botton of this road (on the south side) is actually in Stokenchurch rather than Radnage!

      • Many thanks, I reckon you’re right. The people who did the Census in bygone days didn’t always write up the village in the order they walked round it. In 1861 the guy did City, Radnage Common, Lydias Bottom (2 occupied & 1 unoccupied dwellings), Primitive Methodist Chapel, Radnage Common, Ashridge, Pond Farm, Green End so on this occasion he seemed to follow a pattern.
        I’ve faced several spelling issues like this making me remember that many folks didn’t read’n’write so clerks relied on interpreting local accents.

    • Hi Trevor,
      You mention you are ” originating from the Newell/Plumridge family”, would this be James Plumbridge who married Ellen Newell?
      David Newell

      • Reckon not David – My mother was a Newell living down that track opposite the Five Alls in Studley Green and the origin of that Newell branch is George Newell(b1837) who was a road maker from Beacons Bottom and his father George Newell from Water End. The Plumridge side of the family is that branch that had Gibbons, Bigmore, Dells, Kenshams & Eastwood Farms at Cadmore End in about 1900. All the best, Trevor

    • Hi Trevor. My father was Robert Newell from Radnage. His sister Gladys married Frank Plumridge. Their father James was born in Water End and his father Isaac was born in Horsleys Green. Do you think there is a connection?

      • Hello Derek, my name is James Finch. My mother Madeline Finch sadly passed away in July and one thing we are looking into is finding a few answers around her family tree that sadly she did not get around to before passing. Madeline’s mother was Gladys, my grandmother. I don’t remember her personally as I would have been only two when she passed away. Frank died when my mother was seven. If by any chance you happen to see this, we are looking to explore some more family history.

  80. Interested in information about ancestors John Trendall (ell) b 1705 through to his great grandson Joseph Trendall (ell) b 1805 who went to London. Worked as chairmakers.

    I visited Radnage 12 months ago but only for a few hours.

    • Hi Brian I have a John Trendall from Radnage in my family tree. He is my 7th gt grandfather. bc 1705 married Jane Luce/Lucy in 1725. Is this the same John Trendall as in your tree?
      I live in High Wycombe, which is not far from Radnage.

      • Yes that is the one. Spelling “changed” to Trendell and Trendle but have confirmed links. They were my 5th great grandparents.

        Any ideas on how to get further back, church or parish records perhaps.


      • I see from your Maunder Jungle that John Trendall married Elizabeth Turner. I have her as his second wife after Hannah who had three children, William 26/1/1751, Hannah 5 Aug 1753 and John 1755.


      • Tracey – are we related? My grandfather was Ernest Maunder from Radnage. My great-grandmother had several siblings and I am wondering if you descend from them.

  81. Hi everyone that may have know my family my great great grandfather was James pitcher and my grandmother was Alice Bradshaw ne Pitcher my father who has recently passed away was John Bradshaw just wondering if any of my descendants still live in the area my last known relative was uncle Jim who passed away in 1993 ? .
    My nan Alice was well known in the area for working in the crown pub and on many occasions putting her little blue disabled car in the hedges after one to many Guinness?. The family and dad used to run farms in the area including the old dairy farm just down from the three horse shoes I would love to here from anyone/relatives still in the area .
    Jason Bradshaw

    • Hi Jason,
      My Dad was Ernest Pitcher, James’s brother. You have plenty of relatives still around the world. Tony, my brother lives in Spain ,I live in the Netherlands.We are also very close to Pauline,our half sister, she too has a large family. I remember Auntie Alice very well especially afternoons tasting her home made elderberry wine!, also remember all of the other Aunties, Joyce, Mary, Doris and Sarah. Would love to catch up if you would like to exchange family history! Kind regards, Linda
      Sorry to hear that you have lost your Dad John.

    • Hi Jason,
      I’m Cyril Pitcher, one of your uncle Jim’s (James Pitcher) twin sons. I do remember your dad John and your aunts Joan and Thelma.
      I was born in the old farmhouse just down the hill from, what was the Three Horse Shoes pub. Alice Bradshaw was my aunty.

      I have been doing some research into the Pitcher family tree and have found links back as far as 1700. Will send a pdf file of the tree if you are still interested.


      • Hello I am Josephine Pitcher, Ernest was my Dad, married to Muriel Pitcher and I have a sister Pauline. (His had two other children with his second wife). As very young children we lived at what was, Pigeoncote, the small farm next to yours, in Green Lane. I went to live with my Auntie Joyce when I was 9 years old and remember especially the aunties, Mary, Sarah and Alice.

  82. Can anyone shed some light on my fathers family, Maurice Ashby born 1925 and lived at what is now known as “Three Cottages” Bennett End, with John and Ethel Ashby.

    • I have been researching my side of the ‘Ashby’ family and have a possible match to a Maurice Ashby. Did your father have a middle name, also do you know the names of his parents or any other information. If you let me know I will see if it ties in with my information. If it does I can e-mail a copies of family trees I have.

      • My father Maurice lived with John and Ethel Ashby, his mothers name was Emily Harvey or Harvey may have been Maurice’s fathers name. Maurice later changed his name to Maurice Ashby-Harvey, he has no middle name.I know very little about my fathers family, although I stayed with John and Ethel Ashby in the school holidays but had no idea that they were not my fathers blood parents. My father became aware of this later in life, but didn’t want to know about his true parentage, saying that John and Ethel were much loved parents to him. Maurice’s father may lived in Brighton but this is speculation.

        • It looks very likely that your father is the one on my family tree. It appears that your great grandfather was the brother of my great-great grandfather.If you would like to e-mail me at I will send you a copy of the family tree that I have showing your father and four previous generations.

        • Hi Martin,

          My great grandmother told me about Maurice. She had said his mother was Emily Harvey. My great grandmother was the niece of John Ashby, her father being Frederick Ashby. I would love to hear from you. My email is:

          Best wishes,

          Richard Holt

    • I am descended from John Ashby’s brother Frederick. I don’t know much about John, but he and his wife Ethel are buried at Radnage. I only know a limited amount about Frederick’s siblings. John was the son of Alfred Ashby and Elizabeth Bird.

      • Hi Richard
        I know this is an old thread….

        Not sure if it’s the same Frederick ashby but he was my great granddad – married to Stella Sexton? My Nan was Joan ashby x

  83. Trying to find some more information re the Bennell Family. Anne Bennell ( b1885) was my Grandmother and her parents were George Bennell and Caroline Ing. Thanks

    • Hello Victor
      Just wondered what information you had on the bennell family.
      I have been to St Marys and seen the BENNELL graves not sure where your ancesters fit in with mine but all my recent family come from radnage or within a few miles including Chinnor and Crowel
      Would be good if we can make contact
      regards ken bennell

    • Hi Victor. I gave a tree showing George & Caroline which ultimately goes back to 1611 if that’s of any help/interest. George’s sister Emma France’s married Isaac Newell who was my GGF

    • I have direct ancestry to the Bennell family please contact to share info William and Mary born Wade

  84. I am researching my family tree and I have so far traced my ancestors to radnage .my ggggg grandfather was called Joseph Keene and he married a Mary newell.i would be grateful if I could get any information about them.My husband and me are planning a trip to Radnage at the end of June and would love to visit the church and cometary .I would be grateful for information if there is tours to see these and also the parish records

  85. Over 20 years ago, I came to St Mary’s while walking the Chiltern Way. I seam to remember seeing a grave stone with a picture of a man with a bow and arrow, saying he was the man that shot the last bear in England. I now live in America and recently visited the area again, but I was unable to find the gravestone again. Can anyone confirm this. Linda

  86. I am trying to confirm that Juliana Levett née Tonyn is buried in the St. Mary’s cemetery in Radnage… If so, does anyone also have the dates of birth and/or death or where I could track down this information.

    Any information or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!


  87. Trying to find details of a James Peddle/Pedwell,born circa 1800.Married a relation Elizabeth Ashby of Sarratt Herts.
    Was living Rickmansworth Herts.Master carpenter.Any help would be appreciated

    Please contact on email address

  88. My mother was a Pitcher descended from the Bennells of Radnage.
    Are there any Bennells still living in the area?
    Bill Cox
    Carleton Place On. Canada


      • Hi Ken
        I am now doing my family tree. I am a direct descendant from William and Mary Bennell born Wade If you still monitor this page I would like to make contact share info etc you can contact me

  89. Hi:

    I believe my grandfather and grandmother are buried at St. Mary’s Church in Radnage it would be some time ago and also a daughter. There last name was Stacey. Just wondering if you can confirm for me. The daughters name was Grace and she was never married. Thanking you in advance

  90. I have recently found a personal seal dating to the 13/14th century on farmland close to Radnage. It shows the name Robert Braund & I wondered if you have in the parish records any mention of the surname Braund……..Many Thanks Roger Paul

  91. I am trying to trace my Great Great Grandfather, I believe he may have lived and run the pub in Radnage, used to be called the Black Boy Inn. I am told that there is a book in the church about him, Peter Florida, is this correct and could you give me any information on him? Can I get a copy of this book if you told me the details of when it was published and the publishers name etc. I would be so grateful for any information .

    • Hello,
      Do you know Peter Florida’s very interesting story? I know he married a Stone but can connect you to someone, not on here, who knows more details.

  92. Hello Caroline, The way I read Charles Tonyn’s movements 1754-1756 is like this:
    He left Oxford on 29th May 1754 just after his father died.
    He was ordained deacon on 4th June and was soon appointed chaplain to Lord Torphichen.
    His diary shows that while at Oxford he had many chums with whom he share meals etc. One student stands out, Mr Hellier whose company he shared on 96 occasions at Oxford and in London. In fact he spent twelve weeks of the late summer with Hellier, the young wealth orphan, at his house in Staffordshire, returning to London in mid October. I believe this was (Sir)Samuel Hellier.
    Following this escapade Tonyn went into a flurry of activity including his ordination as priest. He was “pencilled in” for the chaplaincy at Smyrna but didn’t go.
    Within two months of his return from The Wodehouse he was on his way to Algiers and was only able to return to England under licence annually renewed for ten years.
    I think there are links between these events.
    You may well be right about CWT’s appointment to the chaplaincy on the Phoenix 1768-69 but I note Charles was not unprepared for sea travel. George Tonyn wrote to his brother in June 1770 “You must prepare yourself for a trip with Charley to Portsmouth about the latter end of August. Keep yourself in constant readiness of sailing for on my arrival you will receive immediate orders.” By August of course George was dead.

    • Hi Julian,
      Charles Tonyn was Vicar for Swanbourne in North Bucks for 7 years before he got to Radnage. He lived there with his widowed mother. This is the story I put together for the website called

      By 1757, he (Charles) was back in England, and from 1760 until his death in 1805 he resided in Buckinghamshire at Swanbourne Vicarage (after being appointed the Vicar) from April 1760 to February 1767, then at Radnage Rectory near Princes Risborough, Bucks, (after being appointed the Rector) from 14th February 1767 to 1805. He was also already a JP for Buckinghamshire.

      While living at Swanbourne, the following advertisement appeared in The Oxford Journal, of June 25th, 1763:-


      T R I P O L I

      A Very fine Arabian HORSE, rising Five Years old and of the highest Blood, the Present of the BEY of TRIPOLI to Capt. George TONYN of his Majesty’s Ship Brune, is just arrived, and will cover Mares at Three Guineas each, and Half a Crown the Servant. The Money to be paid at the Time of Covering the Mares, or before they are taken away.

      The BEY of Tripoli was the ruler of the Bay of Tripoli on the Barbary Coast of the Ottoman Empire. Hence the horse was named Tripoli, and it was available to hire for stud in Swanbourne.

      The brother of Charles was George Tonyn, and the horse was grazed on land in Swanbourne granted to Charles at Enclosure in 1762.

      Charles only went to Radnage after agreeing a job swap with the then Rector at Radnage who was Morgan Morgan, the latter becoming Vicar at Swanbourne from late February, 1767.

  93. I’m interested to hear that CWT may have been overseas early in 1769. He wasn’t with his brother George that’s for sure. George’s first voyage as commodore on the Phoenix is quite well documented. There is no reference to PGF of course. Peter was an incidental on the voyage, a small slave child found probably in either Jamaica or Cape Coast (Philip Quaque may have had a role here) not worth making a fuss about.
    Two mysteries in CWT’s life – why was he exiled to Algiers? (I have a theory)and why was he booked as chaplain on the first Phoenix voyage – then decline?
    All part of the rich story.

    • Hi Julian -If I could just make two suggestions based on my understanding of ecclesiastical life in 18th century England and my perusal of the Tonyn Paterson papers a few years ago:-
      I am not sure where the idea of Rev CWT being “exiled” has come from. As a newly ordained minister he needed to seek a living. The British trading post in Algiers was a flourishing outpost of the British Empire and the living was in the gift of the king (as was Radnage). He probably felt quite pleased to accept the appointment as it would have been exciting and lucrative. As I am sure you are aware it was the norm in his family to serve overseas- all his brothers and his father spent most of their adult lives abroad. Once he realised that it was not to his liking he came home but he would have continued to receive the stipend without having to fulfill any duties; a prime example of absenteeism, which together with pluralism were two common problems with the 18th Century church in England
      The authority from the admiralty to serve as a shipboard chaplin may well have been another sinecure that did not involve him doing anything or going anywhere but brought him an income to supplement the income that he took from the tithes in Radnage a small and poor community. In short this is most likely to be about generating additional income rather than performing any duties. Regards Caroline

  94. Hello,

    As you can see, my surname is Radnedge. I was wondering if there is any connection between my name and your village name. Does Radnage actually mean something in old English. For instance a village on the edge of something. Have you had any people living in the village or area with our surname?

    I do know that many of my ancestors in the 1800s came from Bristol.

    If you can find anything out, it would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    Mark Radnedge
    Darwen (Lancs)

    • I may be the “other descendent” mentioned earlier in this correspondence. I certainly have a number of original documents from the Tonyn family and have tried to trace the PGF story in relation to the Tonyns,the Stones and Radnage. I’ve now put together about 100000 words, well or ill chosen, which I’m finally drafting and thinking of putting on the web. There’s a tremendous amount to be said about Peter George, the family who brought him up and the circumstances of his time.

      • Hello Julian,
        My husband is also a Julian Sheen, descendant of Peter George via George his son and his daughter Margaret… We’d love to read this sad but enthralling story and see those documents, if possible too.

        Hope to hear from you
        Helen Sheen

  95. Does anyone possibly know if Pophley’s Farm & Newell’s Farm are/were one of the same (c 1840’s), as understand the Newell’s lived at Pophleys. Have a relative [Eliza King] born at Newell’s farm. And if so are the farms still there? Thanks.

  96. I am descended from the Tonyns, via the aunt of Rev Charles William. I have some information about the family – names and dates for some of them, really (I’d be happy to share with anyone if interested). However, I was really wondering if anyone had any more interesting information about them? Who they were, what they did, etc…?

  97. Re: Peter George Florida
    It’s now believed that Peter was brought over to England by Rev Tonyn who had been a Chaplain at Algiers, and returned on his brothers ship which was a slave trading ship,trading from England to West Africa and the West Indies. I know that Peter George Florida grew up & married & was buried in Radnage….I would just like to know if there is a grave or gravestone? Anyone know?

    • Peter George FLORIDA.

      A long time since I visited the site so sorry to those who might have been expecting me to reply. Here are some responses.

      1 Although Charles William TONYN was offered the Chaplaincy in Algeria as far as we know he did not take it up pleading ill health I think.

      2 There is no grave stone for PGF – the records show his burial was on 22 Jul 1793 – when he would have been about 32. Phillis his wife (nee STONE) went on to marry a Thomas IVES.

      3 The records show that PGF was tenant at The Cheques public house between 1787 and 1792. The tenancy was taken over by a William Collins and a year later the name of the pub was changed to The Black Boy. It later became the Three Horseshoes the name it retains today.


      • Thanks Ivor, I didn’t think that PG had a gravestone,thanks for confirming. As for the Revd Charles Tonyn theory it still needs proving one way or the other. I’ve seen five Admiralty doc’s. One for beginning of 1869 for permission to enter Capt Tonyn’s ship & enter our kingdom … for Charles Tonyn and one servant!I’m in touch with another descendant of PG who has in his possession some letters from the Tonyn family. From these he has another theory that it was the Revds’ brother the Captain who rescued PG from Guinea coast. I believe he bought some letters from a sale at Sotheby’s, which he thinks that maybe the Revd didn’t sail on the ship…i don’t know anymore as the guy wants to research a little more and write a book.You are welcome to my email address to disscuss further & i can explain in more detail,let me know. kind regards.

        • Ricki,

          Thanks for the additional info. I have also been in contact with (I assume) the “another descendant of PG” that you mention and I am awaiting news on his book. The reference to “enter our kingdom … for Charles Tonyn and one servant!” is very interesting and I would love to know where you saw it.I assume the date is 1769 NOT 1869.

          As I say elsewhere on the Radnage web site I have a copy of the Rev CWTs account book for the rectory in Radnage which covers the years 1767 to 1775. There is a gap in the entries between Feb 1769 and Oct 1770 so perhaps CWT did go away in this period and would tie in with PGFs baptism in Oct 1769. The accounts book mentions a Peter after this time and I assume this is PGF who was living in the rectory. There is also a Phillis Stone as a servant in the rectory who Peter George married.

          My email is ivor(@)clucas(.)org – leave out the brackets – if you want to be in touch.

          • Ivor
            Thank you for your reply. Yes i did mean 1769! I will email you the transcript i wrote and source shortly when i get the chance. From what you have said about the gap in the entries in the Rev CWTonyn’s account book the theory seems more likely by the day. As for Phillis i wondered how she and PGF got together!

            • Ricki,

              I wonder if your surname hails from Radnadge? I am a cousin of Rebecca Bromley, and we are looking for a Stephen White of Radnadge, Buckinghamshire, within a time frame of 1630-1645, + or – 10 years. Perhaps adjoining parishes would include his family. Any info. would be of great help.

    • A belated response. Just to say that I did a fairly thorough search or the Tonyn / Paterson papers a few years ago. I am confident that Rev Tonyn did take up the post in Algiers. I had the opportunity to read the notebook / diary in which he described the social events that he attended whilst in Algiers, also the relief he felt on departure on board a boat bound initially for Leghorn – no suggestion that it was his brother’s boat! No records of his brother operating in this area. He vividly describes the traumas of the return voyage, storms, pirates and lack of rations.
      He landed at Marseilles. From that point he wrote every year to the king requesting to remain in England for the benefit of his “health” and his “affairs”. Hope that helps.

  98. I have recently discovered that my father’s 5 sisters, when children, were sent on holidays to a pub in Radnage, staying with a Mr Harry or Harry, who was a relative. This would have been in 1890s or early 1900s. Their surname was Williams. I see that there are 2 pubs, The Crown & Three Horsehsoes, but I do not know which pub they would have stayed at. Is there any local history of who owned/worked at the pubs at that time?

    Have no idea who ‘harry’ was, although my gt grandmother’s maiden name was Cooper & the family lived in High Wycombe. Would appreciate any suggestions. Thank you.

  99. Whatva wonderful service this is. I have ancestors by the name of Stone who seem to have lived in Radnage for generations. I was wondering if any of them have tombstones. Some names are James (d. 1881), Robert (d. 1854), John the Elder (d. 1783, Elizabeth (d. 1810, Edward (d. 1787). Also would anyone know what their occupations were. I am visiting UK ( from Australia) in January and would love to see some evidence of them.

    • Hello Dianne
      I have just spent New Years day with friends in Prestwood. Whilst there I visited Radnage for the first time. I too have ancestors called Stone, who lived there going back to the 1500s. I had a look around the graves at St Mary’s church and found quite a few Stones, some in the 1800s and some in the 1900s, but can’t remember their names.
      My ancestors, who are likely to be your ancestors, too, were mostly yeoman farmers as far as I can see. Hope your trip goes well. All the best, Peter

      • Thanks for that, Peter. Unfortunately while we were in UK, most transport links into the countryside were closed due to heavy snow and ice, so we didn’t get out of London, let alone to Radnage. Next time…

    • Hi Dianne,
      My geat Grandfather was Alfred stone born in Radnage in 1850.He came from a large family of Stones in Radnage.his wife was Julia nee Mayger who was born in Maidstone.his Father was Isaac or sometimes calling himself Jesse.his wife was Mary .Jesse or Isaac was born in 1819 and Mary 1815
      In 1841 they lived in Town End. Alfred had quite a few children ,my Gran clara being one. I have a list of all the children if reqired.I too live in Australia,Victoria,Linda

      • Thanks Linda. My Stone ancestor came to WA as a convict, but could read and write, so would have had some form of education.

      • Hi Linda,
        Jesse and Mary Stone are my gggrandparents also. My link is through Alfred’s sister Elizabeth who married John Dormer in 1869. I’d be interested to make contact. I also live in Victoria, Australia!
        My contact email is cathiesteele(@me.)com (delete the brackets to use this address).
        I look forward to hearing from you.

        • Hello, I have a little on your ancestry. Jesse Stone 1818-1895 married Mary Bowden 15 Oct 1839 Jesse is my 2nd cousin x 3 removed. I have 7 children for them and one is definitely Elizabeth and she did marry John Dormer and I have Dormer family in my ancestry too. Elizabeth was born 1847 Radnage d 1914 Radnage John Dorner 1840-1918 Radnage – I followed their son William b 1872 who emigrated to Australia – had a son Radnage Harold Edward Dormer who had a dau Cathie Dormer b Australia Back to John Dormer who was son of Edward Dormer b 1799 and his wife Sarah Hunt Widow Rixon. Edw was the son of Edward Dormer and wife Sarah Stone both of Radnage he was s of Anne Wellard and John Dormer son of Jane Quarnt and Edw Dormer – Before mentioned Sarah Stone is my main ancestor then being my 3rd Great Grand Aunt dau of Elizabeth Almon and John Stone baptised 22 Jun 1727 Bennett End, Buckinghamshire,son of The Rev. Edward Stone b 1702 Radnage and Elizabeth Barlow dau of Esther Taylor and Edw Barlow my 6th Gt Grandparents. The Rev. Edward Stone was born 20 Feb 1697 Gt Hampden Bucks but d 20 Oct 1787 Radnage. sincerely, Ann

    • STONE Graves

      Diane – there are loads of STONEs buried in the church yard at Radnage as follows:

      4 Henry STONE 2.8.1907 70
      5 Mary STONE 24.8.1893 59
      8 Mary STONE 25.7.1885 70
      11 Jesse STONE 9.11.1895 77
      13 Robert STONE 18.5.1872 66
      13 Mary STONE 18.11.1887 76
      14 George STONE 30.12.1914 68
      14 Ann STONE 15.5.1931 81
      19 Walter STONE 27.5.1955 71
      42 Thomas STONE 13.12.1958 76
      42 Francis STONE 8.9.1957 70
      43 John STONE 2.10.1858 63
      43 Ann STONE 11.9.1881 80
      51 George STONE 6.3.1927 73
      51 Eliza STONE 30.8.1935 79
      53 Eliza STONE 25.10.1870 19
      54 Jane STONE 11.12.1834 28
      54 John STONE 29.11.1875 68
      67 Robert STONE 1813 29
      104 Elizabeth STONE 3.3.1810 82
      105 William STONE 3.4.1840 83
      105 Ann STONE 29.6.1806 50
      105 Francis STONE 18.2.1840 78
      106 John STONE 3.7.1785 35
      107 Robert STONE 25.8.1762

      If you visit the church you might well find a plan of the church yard in side to help you locate them.


      • Thank you Ivor. I will have to visit the UK again and make sure it’s not winter where I will be prevented to go to Radnage by heavy snow falls! Some of the names on your list seem familiar, so I will have to check my notes.

      • Good afternoon

        I have relatives buried in Radnage graveyard. I wondered if by chance you had a list of the Maunder and Bird family graves.

        Thank you

        Brian Robertson

  100. Hi, I have details on my greandfather who was born in Radnage in 1892, his name was Francis John Turner, his father was William Turner a chair turner by trade, William wife was Maria Turner, formally Bird.

    • Hi, I have just sent off for a birth certificate for a phillis turner born 1872, if I have got my details right she is my great grandmother and married into the cox family, there is someone else on this site looking for cox turner whom we have sent a reply to but heard nothing back. when I know more will post my email address on here if any help to you. regards Steve Cox.

  101. Hi,I am trying to find a distant relative, John TOOVYE, buried 21 Jun 1658, in the Radnage church yard. A photo would be really appreciated, of the stone, not him.

  102. i am trying to contact a peter and jackie browne that lived in radnage near the crown pub in the early 1970’s can anyone help with info.thanks

  103. Hi, Noel from Australia. I’m interested in the name Weller (Wellard) from Radnage.
    I have a Thomas born in Radnage before Oct 1765 the son of Thomas Wellard & Elizabeth Hicks. Thomas who was born before Oct 1765 married Sarah Chapman and died in Radnage Dec 1841. If any one has any information on this name I would be very grateful. Thank you.

    • Hi Noel from Australia,
      I am descended from Ann Wellard bap 18 Oct 1717 in Radnage, whom I believe was brother to your Thomas Wellard (Snr) bap 16-10-1706 together with Mary 1704, Sarah 1709, John 1711/12, and Hannah 1717. All were children of William and Sarah Welled/Wellad/Welhead/Wellard.
      William Welhead (a labourer) and Sarah Allen were married by Banns at St Marys church 7-10-1703
      Happy to share research. Please contact me by email.
      Cathie Steele
      Victoria Australia

  104. I am trying to find out more about Mary LACY (LACEY?) who I believe married John FREE of Hughenden in Radnage Church on 08 Sep 1747 and died in Princes Risborough on 25 February 1776. Assuming that that was the bride’s church, I should like confirmation that she was born in the village in 1727 and anything else known about her, please.

  105. Hi folks.

    I have an ancestor who was baptised in Radnage. Joseph Ives – 9 Mar 1761. Son of Joseph & Mary Ives.
    I think he ended up in Stokenchurch, and was buried there in 1842.
    Are there any graves, or records of graves, for Joseph Ives Snr. c1726 & Mary Ives c1729.. Or possibly more children to them.

    Regards. Steve Ives.

  106. I am looking for any information about Thomas Wright Born 1891? Buckinghamshire. Brought up by grandmother and elder sisters. As his Mother died when he was very young . Grandmothers name and surname unknown. Sisters believed to have flower names Rose &Violet ? He grew up living on a farm in Radnage Buckinghamshire. The Farm house was down a very narrow track it had a very distinctive tree directly outside the door Possibly a pear tree. Are there any records of Thomas Wright or sisters attending the village school? He was employed as Apprentice chair maker before Joining the army before WW1 served in India in the Royal horse artillery. When he returned home from army after WW1 to find granny had died and sisters had moved away.
    Any information about the name of the farm or family around 1900 and anything about Thomas Wright and sisters would be appreciated.

  107. Hi, I believe my great, great, grandfather, Reuben Stone was born in Radnor in 1847. He married Caroline ? (orn in 1849) who was from Winkfield, Bucks. Are there any records of either Reuben & Carolines wedding, Carolines maiden name, or Reubens family. Thanks so much for any help.

    Kind regards

  108. Hi there. I am desperately trying to find out the fathers name of nicholas oxlade who was baptiss to ed in st marys in about 1476. Do the records go back this far and is there anyone who could help me find this information. I have done well getting back this far but all attempts at going back any further are really hard.

  109. Hi, can you please tell me if Ray Brimble was buried in St. Mary’s Church in 1975 he died 29th Nov 1975. Can you please help for any info because he lived in Radnage Many Thanks
    Regards Ellen

  110. I would like any information on the “Turner” or “Cox” families that lived in or near Cabbage Hall Farm in Radnage. They would have been employed as farm labourers and lace makers. I have records that my Grandmother was born there in 1893.
    Thanks in anticipation

    • Hi,
      I have just noticed that you are researching the Turner/
      Cox families of Radnage. I am looking into the Cox
      family for my neice’s husband whose grandmother was
      a daughter of Thomas and Phillis Cox,both born in
      1872. Perhaps we could compare notes.

  111. My Great Great Grandfather John Holland was a public house keeper in Radnage in 1861. Would anyone know the name of the pub. He died in 1867 , would he have been buried in St. Mary’s churchyard?

  112. I am the great, great granddaughter of Mary Ann Judge FLETCHER who was born in Radnage in 1822.
    Her single mother was Elisabeth FLETCHER (father possibly a MR JUDGE??) a lace maker born in 1803.
    Mary’s grandparents were George FLETCHER and Elizabeth LAWRANCE and they married in Radnage in 1803.
    I am wondering if there are any FLETCHERS or LAWRANCES in Radnage today
    I would love to find out more about their lives and would be very grateful for any information.
    Fingers crossed…….

  113. I am seeking any info on the Newell family,I have a John Newell b 1786 living at Green End,Radnage in great grandfather was William Thomas Newell b 1851 to John Newell b 1827 married Elizabeth [Eliza] Plumbridge b 1829 from Lewknor.William Married Martha ? b 1851,they moved to Worsborough South Yorkshire about 1889,after having two children in Radnage,Thomas b 1887 and Kate b 1881,hope you can help.John.

    • Attn John Wright

      Ref Eliza/Elizabeth Plumbridge born 1829 Lewknor. I wonder if you know if she connects to Kate Plumridge/Plumbridge born 1865/66 who married a John Trendell. I am on gxmartinbaker (@) hotmail (.) com

  114. Hi I am seeking any info on the Newell family,I am back to a John Newell born 1827 to John,born 1786 married to Mary born 1785.John married Eizabeth[Eliza] Plumbridge born 1829,Lewknor uphill.parents James Plumbridge b 1793 m to Sarah Smith b 1793.My great grandad was William Thomas Newell,b 1851 m to Martha ?hope you can help,John.

  115. Ivor Clucas writes from Herefordshire: “My wife’s 5 x Great Grandfather was Peter George Florida who was baptised in Radnage parish church on 22 Oct. 1769 and described as “a negro child about eight years of age”. He married a Phillis Stone also in Radnage on 23 September 1781 and was described as a negro man of this parish. I am interested in tracing any others who have similar roots and trying to discover how Peter George got to Radnage.
    I am assuming that the name Florida comes from his origins and he may have been brought over to this country by the Tonyn family who had Florida connections and Reverend C W Tonyn was rector in Radnage at the time of Peter George’s baptism and marriage.”

    • Hi,

      I saw on another website that you have a plan of Radnage cemetery and I wondered if it was possible to get a copy of this? I’ve transcribed some names a few years ago for my own research but if some gravestones were readable in the 60’s and not now the list may be of help.

      Many thanks,


    • Hi Ivor, For the pass twenty-five years i have been researching Black people in Berks and Bucks and plan to write & publish a book. I also came across references to Peter George Florida & his descendants. I believe that you have researched the Florida family extensively and would be thrilled if you could help me advance on the Florida family history.
      I have been going through chemo so i am trying to use the good days to be productive and finally get this book finished.


    • There is rumor that a there was a colored barman who worked in the three horseshoes back in the day. Try and trace a copy of a book by “Charles Jackson” named Radnage i’me sure there is a mention of it there, there might be other info that might help you. Ps very difficult reaading.

  116. ” I’m looking for any information on my GG Grandparents – George Butler and Annie Strange. George was born in Radnage in 1856. In 1877 he married Annie (or Ann) Sophia Strange and, although Annie was born in Stokenchurch (31 October 1852), the marriage actually took place in Leeds, West Yorkshire, where they settled and raised their family. I have a little information about Annie’s family but have nothing about George’s family at all. I would be happy to receive any information and would also happily provide information that may help someone else. Please e-mail me at

  117. I am trying to trace members of the Stone family who were chair manufacturers. William Stone was born 1804 was a chairmaker and employer and his sons followed in his trade. Mrs Norfolk’s Great Grandfather John being one.

    • hi,
      i believe William Stone to be my Great Great Great Grandfather. He was married to Elizabeth Stone born in 1810 and she was a lacemaker and he a woodturner. Their son Jesse or sometimes Isaac was born in 1819. Are these people who you are looking for. I have more info and you can reply to

  118. I am trying to seeking to find out more about the Hunt family who lived in Radnage until the mid-1600s. This may be a long shot but can anyone assist?

  119. “I’m trying to trace any information regarding Hannah Avery, born in Radnage c1831. She married Archippus G Butler in 1854. I believe her mother was also called Hannah but I can’t be 100% sure. Any information on Hannah and/or her family would be gratefully received. Please e-mail me at

    • Hi Jaqy, I’ve been asked to do research for a friend and my person of note in this area is Mary Ann Warren Avery who is listed on the England 1841 Census as Hannah Avery’s grand daughter. But Hannah Avery also had a daughter called Hannah aged 9yrs (in 1841) Also listed are Sophia (7), Benjamin (4) and George (2).
      I believe Hannah seniors husband, Benjamin, Died in 1840.
      The ‘FamilySearch’ site has parish records for Radnage on film 919246 – so that may be worth investigating. Unfortunately for my search the mother is listed but no father, Whoops!!

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