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Single Unitary Council for Bucks?

Modernising Local Government On March 12 Government announced it  is ‘minded’ to approve the creation of a brand new, single unitary council in Buckinghamshire, which would replace the existing five district and county councils. The new council would be a

Community Cop Cards

Community Cop Cards The local Marlow Neighbourhood Policing Team (NHPT) have already started working with the local primary schools to get the 2018 Community Cop Cards up and running. Community Cop Card’s was piloted in 2017, it is a sticker-collecting

Pick up after your pooch!

It may not be your favourite job but always pick up after your dog, putting the bag into the bins provided or taking it home with you! And before you walk away from a pile of poop thinking it’s biodegradeable,

Visit Greatmoor ‘Energy from Waste’

Do you ever wonder what happens to the things you put in your waste bin? Your recycling is sorted and passed onto recycling companies, but what about your non-recyclable waste? So far over 2500 visitors to Greatmoor Energy from Waste

PLEASE cut back your hedges / vegetation

It is once again that time of year when many hedges around the village are becoming an increasing safety concern and a danger on our roads and pavements, and so we are urging you all to see if the hedge

Obstruction on the road? Report it! – Fallen Trees, Branches, Signs etc

Report It!! You can report many problems such as hedges, fallen trees and branches, snow and ice problems, flooding, footpath / pavement problem, road surface, fly-tipping etc directly to Bucks County Council Transport for Bucks. If you are aware of