Volunteer for the Chalk, Cherries & Chairs Project

Can you help?? …Chalk, Cherries & Chairs Project

The Chilterns Conservation Board has been successful in obtaining funding through a Heritage Lottery Grant for a new, community partnership scheme “Chalk, Cherries and Chairs” which is described as: ‘the biggest conservation and people engagement project in the Chilterns’ and the project aims to:

  • Make more space for wildlife
  • Increase the wildlife value of small overlooked community sites
  • Encourage local people of all ages to come together and enjoy looking after these sites (supported by a range of experts)

The project for Radnage is one of 11 approved sites and will be at the Glebe field (St.Mary’s Meadow) below Yoseden Ban k at St. Mary’s Church and is supported by the PCC.

The land had been previously neglected and we hope that the wider community will embrace the opportunity to make a lasting positive impact on our wildlife and environment by being part of the 5-year scheme.

The area was designated as a Local Wildlife Site in 2011 and is noted for its lowland meadow and lowland habitat which has a wide range of species present. It is not only an key site in its own right but connects well to other Nature Reserves and Estate land within the Radnage Valley Biodiversity Opportunity Area – BOA (Yoseden/BBOWT; NT Bradenham etc)

The project seeks to provide greater connected habitats i n the Radnage Valley and to secure a closer collaboration between the Church, BBOWT and the local community in its management.

Expertise and equipment can be provided buta team of local volunteers are needed!!Please let me know if you would be interested in helping. There may well be activities to get the local children involved and discussions will be had with the school and scout group, but a commitment from the community is needed to initiate the project and for its ultimate success.

The dual focus will be the management of the sites hedgerow and the grassland, and will be hedge planting, gapping up and improving areas of the other sections to provide a better connected hedgerow habitat, and improving the quality of the grassland itself to connect with neighbouring land.

An estimate of costs for the planned project and therefore the cost of the partnership funding has been agreed and will be met by St. Mary’s PCC.

If you care about our wonderful rural area and perhaps know and enjoy this specific area – either as a walker, with your dog, or as a runner – and would like to secure the future of it in conservation, development and management …and also to teach our children about its importance …. please let me know so that a list of potential volunteers can be made.

Please express your interest in this project at: radnageccc@gmail.com

Without enthusiasm and involvement from us all the project will stall. A real shame and a wasted opportunity.

Thank you.