2018 Programme and Events


URGENT  ONLY 2 WEEKS TO THE Coffee Morning at LITTLE MISSENDEN Missenden Wednesday 7th November 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m   Please bring your members and meet the Shop Group this event is for members to enjoy shopping and a coffee morning with Xmas shopping

This Coffee morning is by kind invitation at Toad Hall Little Missenden HP7 0RD

Easy to find on the main village road between The Crown and Red Lion Pubs lots of parking on the roadside.

Coffee, mince pies, raffle will be available along with the Shop Xmas items and Craft items which is loads and loads come and do your Xmas shopping and bring along a friend as well they do not have to be WI member.

URGENT ONLY 4 WEEKS TO THE Coffee Morning at PADBURY Thursday 22nd November 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Please bring your members and meet the Shop Group this event is for members to enjoy shopping and a coffee morning with Xmas shoppping

This Coffee Morning is by kind invitation at Wayside Cottage Winslow Road Padbury MK18 2AW (Parking has been arranged for you in the pub car park opposite).

Again this is easy to find on the main road from Winslow to Padbury.

Coffee, mince pies, raffle will be available along with the Shop Xmas items and Craft items which is loads and loads come and do your Xmas shopping and bring along a friend as well they do not have to be a WI member.


 Diaries and Calendars  – Still available to order

You should by now have received your order for Diaries and Calendars if you ordered or you will have been contacted as to how you will receive them.   If you have ordered and have not received or been contacted please let us know as soon as possible.

There is still time to order Calendars and Diaries please contact Stuart Lodge and we can invoice you.


Annual Meetings are upon us and it is time to look to see if you have all the stationery you need for January 2019 Does your Treasurer have the right Financial Statement, do you have receipt books or subscription receipt books ready for payment in January.

Please order on the Stationery Order for or telephone Stuart Lodge and order and we can invoice you.

New Member Packs

Do have some of these?.  Do you know what they are?.

These are available so that you can give a copy of this booklet to a new member joining at any time it gives information about the Federation and there is a welcome letter from the Chairman of the Federation.  These are £1 and can be ordered on your stationery order form or by telephoning Stuart Lodge and ordering and an invoice can be sent to you.

Sale or Return Boxes

In the New Year we will again have new stock in the shop along with Eco goods and your WI can have a sale or return box either you can choose items or we can put up a box for you.  Your WI will receive 5% of the monies made.

These boxes can be got to your WI if possible or you can collect from us but we do need a bit of notice to be able to have goods available for your box. 

You can also request one of the Shop Group to bring this to your meeting and do this for you but you will not receive 5% of the takings.

If you have a fete or event in the village we can arrange to bring the Shop to that event and promote the Buckinghamshire Federation to promote new members and bring along marketing boards and stands.


Tuesday 11th December 2018 10.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. XMAS COFFEE MORNING AT STUART LODGE FOR OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF ALL WI’S Xmas shopping coffee, mince pies

Your last change to do some Xmas Shopping from our shop which is full of Xmas items, Crackers, Cards, Craft Items and lots more.


We have a speaker at most of our meetings and we have a very interesting range of topics for the coming year:-

7th February Ikebana History and DemonstrationA Kimono dressed speaker covering a brief history of Ikebana in Japanese culture, with a demonstration of 3 and 5 arrangements in different styles. Ruriko Kojima
7th March Dog Training and ObedienceClicker Training is the most modern and scientifically proven method for training any animal and will provide a clear communication process. The clicker is used to mark a behaviour or event which is followed by reinforcement with a reward. We hope for a demonstration also Nicola Barry
4th April Farming in the ChilternsInformal chat about what a local family do on their farm and the reasons behind their farming methods. Will Lacey
2nd May Resolution Meeting  
6th June Blind Tasting           Just a bit of fun…. by our Committee
4th July Visit – Private Tour of Radnage VineyardSpecial tour of family run vineyard and winery, set in the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty – guided walk of vineyard and winery talking about their fermentation process and a tasting of our current vintages and ciders. Holly Morgan
1st August Social
5th September The Tower in the 20th CenturyThe history of the Tower is well known for being gruesome but there are also stories of love and romance,………… if you know where to look. Tony Stratford
3rd October Dawsons AuctionsTalk/valuation – bring your items along. Aubrey Dawson
7th November AGM and Birthday MeetingOfficial WI Evening – our AGM with celebratory cake for our birthday.  
5th December Christmas Meeting – Social and WrappingSocial with nibbles, gift wrapping & Christmas fun !  


Radnage WI guided walks were started as a way of spending time with friends to enjoy a gentle walk in our lovely local countryside and then perhaps to share a meal afterwards.
All the walks are circular and range from 3 to 5.5 miles in length. Because we live in the Chilterns there are usually some hills and perhaps a stile. We also have level walks along the Thames too. But all walks are researched and full details are given before you decide if you’d like to join in. Good walking shoes or walking boots are preferred plus perhaps a small jacket, a small rucsac to carry a drink/snack and a walk stick is useful too.

The walks are held monthly, usually on a Thursday and normally start at 10.30am. We are back at the cars by 12.30-1.00pm though we often stop for a drink of water or a snack and admire the views along the way. Walks are planned so that they usually finish at a nice pub or cafe for a light lunch if you’d like to join us – although this is not obligatory.
Details of car sharing and suitable parking are sent out prior to the walk. On the day of the walk there is a final weather check and confirmation or cancellation. The walk will not take place if it’s raining or the forecast is bad.

The walk group size varies from 5-15 ladies – but men are very welcome to join us. Dogs on short leads are welcome on the walks but sometimes they are not allowed to join us for lunch – but you will always be told beforehand. The walks are free to Radnage WI members but a small charge (£2) is made for non-members.

Open to non-members. A donation to our local WI funds would be welcome

Dogs on leads are welcome.

Next dates:

15 November
13 December