Sunday service at St Mary’s on 4th October

This service would normally be harvest festival so there will be a box in the church to enable donations for One Can Trust.

 For those of you concerned with procedural issues this is the process for ensuring safety and being compliant with existing guidelines:

 The church will be locked on Thursday evening before service and cleaned Friday/Saturday

  1. Only those who have booked a place will be permitted to enter the church for the service. If you have booked a place and are unable to attend please contact the bookings administrator immediately so that you place can be offered to someone on the reserve list. In order to assure fairness to all there will be NO entry for those who have not booked ahead
  2. Congregation is asked to arrive after 9.20 and before 9.30 and to sit on those chairs with a service book – parking as usual in field or outside of the church for those with mobility issues
  3. Congregation is asked to wear masks.
  4. Communion wafers will be delivered individually by the priest to communicants in individual dishes after consecration at the nave altar. After communion please leave dish on empty chair.
  5. Leave immediately after end of service. There will be a plate for offertory should you wish to make a donation.
  6. Churchyard chats are fine but please do not congregate around the doorway.
  7. After the service the church will be locked until Tuesday morning
  8. Also after the service the individual dishes for communion and the service books will be stored separately until the next service at St Mary’s
  9. If you have any problems with these arrangements please come to me directly rather than trouble our overburdened churchwardens

I am conducting this service as we start back and I look forward to seeing as many of you as guidelines and our limited space at St Mary’s permit.

Rev Linda Richardson